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Illuminating Modern Workspaces with VERGE LED

Lighting plays a pivotal role in defining the milieus around us. Our surroundings affect the way we do our work, and modern workspaces require adequate lighting that not only complements the aesthetics but also increases the productivity. LEDs fill the gap and are highly recommended for lighting workspaces because of their several advantages. In addition […]

Top 10 Smartphones Under Rs.20000 – May 2017

After looking at so many options under 20,000, we finally prepared a list of top 10 smartphones that offer the best value for money. I know most people get confused purchasing a smartphone. And the situation gets worse when there is uncountable number of smartphones available in market. We prepared list on the basis of […]

TOP 10 DSLR’s UNDER Rs.50,000 – May, 2017

Photography has recently become a popular hobby amongst the Indian consumers. People love taking photographs of their friends, families, travelling destinations, food, cars, bikes, gadgets and what not. And then sharing the best photographs on social Medias and various other platforms. Camera manufacturers like Nikon, Canon and other big players understand the Indian photography enthusiasts […]

Best LED Televisions under Rs.25000 – May, 2017

Television prices have reduced from mount to floor recently. As soon as the Chinese manufacturers entered the TV industry in India, they gobbled the bigger share of this industry. And with the advent of technological advancement, prices fell downhill like no other time. While this also played as a hammering to some, consumers got the […]

ASUS ROG G752VS Laptop with NVIDIA GTX 1070 Graphics – Photo Story

Asus ROG G752VS is a 17-inch high-end gaming laptop launched in India in October, 2016. The notebook is made for replacing your conventional desktop PC by offering the similar level of performance with best-in-class graphics to deliver unmatchable gaming experience. The ROG G752VS features an anti-glare 17.3-inch 4K Ultra HD (3480 x 2160) display with […]

The future of Windows smartphones

It seems like there will only be two operating systems that will lead the smartphone industry in the coming 2-3 years, Android and iOS. But is that it? Is that the point where we stop and discontinue our article? No, actually there’s going to be a long discussion before we actually start talking about anything […]

Best Laptops under Rs.30000

While preparing the list of top 10 laptops under 30000, the biggest dilemma that appeared in my mind was to whether prepare a list of sub 30K laptops or to trim down the budget and make it sub 25K. Well, than I thought 25K is a very safe figure, however if you want a machine […]

What is Samsung Pay? And how you can use it in-place of Debit/ Credit Card for making payments

What is Samsung Pay? Samsung Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service made by Samsung Electronics; it lets users make payments using compatible phones and other Samsung-produced devices. The service supports contactless payments using near-field communications, but also incorporates an electromagnetic transmission system that allows contactless payments to be used on payment terminals that only support magnetic stripe cards. So, that means now can you make […]

Android O Developer Preview is out: Check out what’s new

While most of you are still waiting for Android 7.0 Nougat, Goolge has already announced the developer variant of a new Android operating system. You can call it Oreo or Ostrich or anything starting with O as the names and in-depth details are still not out by Google. The developer preview is available here and […]

Best Laptops Available in Market- February, 2017

While some say that the laptops are moving out of the market, I still believe that companies are manufacturing dedicated laptops whether it’s for daily use, high-end requirement or gaming,. Technology has become cheaper over the years in smartphones and PC industry. However, Indian laptop industry still needs a strong push, and I think by […]

Top 10 Best All-in-One Printers under Rs.10000- February, 2017

Selecting a printer could be tiresome, and if you have no knowledge about them, things could get worse. Compared to the products we used to see 3 years back, now we can easily purchase a cost effective all-in-one printer at a very cheap price. The cost of technology in printing has reduced over the years, […]

Top 10 4G Android Smartphones Under 10000 in India- February, 2017

Technology in smartphones have become affordable over the period of time. Now, you can easily get a 4K VoLTE smartphone as low as Rs.5000, which is fantastic. However, let’s just check out the list of best 4G smartphones that offer top-class specifications under 10000. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 The smartphone features a 5.5-inch FHD IPS […]

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Top 10 Gadgets


    Xiaomi Redmi Note 4
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (4GB RAM)
    Rs. 12,999
    One Plus 3T
    One Plus 3T
    Rs. 29,999
    Moto G5 Plus
    Rs. 16,999
    Apple iPhone 7 Plus
    Apple iPhone 7 Plus (32GB)
    Rs. 68,400
    Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro
    Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro (64GB)
    Rs. 27,990