CES 2017 Updates- Dell Launched 27-inch “Canvas” to compete against Microsoft Surface Studio

All-in-one PC

While an All-in-one PC is for everyone, the latest 27-inch Dell Canvas is for artists only who want to apply their creativity to a bigger display offering high-end graphics and 100% of the Adobe RGB color gamut. Yes, it’s not an All-in-one PC, but a display that can be connected with a Laptop or computer just like the Wacom tablet and acts like a canvas for artists.

Dell Canvas

Measuring 27-inch in size with wide bezel, the latest Dell Canvas is basically an articulating Quad HD display that offers a resolution of 2,560×1, 440 pixels acting as a second screen for the artists. The wide bezel design of Dell Canvas makes it look bigger than a normal 27-inch display, however acts a good spot to keep palms while working. The Canvas supports up to 20 points of touch offering 100 percent of Adobe’s RGB color gamut. It comes with a circular accessory called “Totem” that acts just like the Surface dial on Surface Studio. It also supports Stylus and Wacom’s pens, and is running on an exclusive version of Stardock’s Fences software, which lets you easily organize your desktop and workspace.

When we directly compare the Microsoft Studio and Dell’s Canvas, the Microsoft Studio offers an Articulating arm, while the Canvas lies flat on the surface. On the other hand, Canvas has a small stand that can tilt it 40-degrees horizontally to offer a better working space. The Canvas can be connected with both PC and another Display for a wider workspace.

For connectivity, the Dell Canvas offers two USB Type C ports (one for charging-only), a USB 3.0 port, and a mini HDMI and one mini Display port. Dell has also included a bunch of adaptors like USB type-C to USB type-A, for easily connection between Canvas and the existing devices.

The Dell Canvas comes at a helfty amount of $2,000 (roughly Rs. 1,35,000) and will be available from March 30th.

Bikram Singh Negi

Bikram Singh Negi

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