Wacom Bamboo Spark Pen Tablet launched at Rs 10,999

Wacom has launched its new pen tablet Bamboo spark in India at a price of Rs 10,999.

wacom bamboo spark

Bamboo spark comes with a Ballpoint pen with an embedded sensor, and a sleeve with a sensing surface tucked beneath a notepad. Unlike many of its previous pen tablets that didn’t have the paper-pen interface in between, whatever you want to capture digitally is what you write on paper and actually see it.

The Bamboo Spark comes in three arrangements that you may call a folio or a sleeve – with a gadget pocket, a tablet sleeve or snap-fit for iPad Air 2. There is dedicated space for mounting the pen and a button that transfers the page electronically to the paired gadget. Bamboo spark connects with Apple and Android devices running the Bamboo Spark app.

Wacom Bamboo spark pen tablet

“Bamboo Spark is the perfect solution for anyone who appreciates the freedom and simplicity of working with pen on paper to take written notes and share ideas,” says Mike Gay, senior vice president for Wacom’s consumer products. “Whether a busy professional, connected student or passionate hobbyist, Bamboo Spark goes where you go, giving you the freedom to choose when and how you capture ideas. From note-taking in the classroom to sketching out a home remodeling project, Bamboo Spark provides a simple way to capture your concepts on plain paper and with the push of a button, effortlessly move your ideas to the cloud for editing or sharing.”

Bamboo spark is available for both right-handed and left-handed use. It has 8.2 inch long and 5.2 inch wide active area topped with a 30-page notepad and weighs at least 535g (folio with pocket).

It is available on Wacom India eStore, Amazon and few other online stores.

Rahul Sethi

Rahul Sethi

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