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Acer A1500 Projector Review- a projector that can replace your Television


Rs. 82,000


    • Nice-looking form factor
    • Easy to use controls
    • Bright in moderate lighting conditions
    • Packs a loud audio speaker
    • Lightweight
    • Precise color calibration
    • Light sensor works great
    • Great black levels


    • Only one HDMI Port

Acer A1500 projector is one of the finest projectors available in the market for both home entertainment and office use.
  • Review


Before we start talking about the Acer A1500 Projector, we’ll have to understand what features a similarly priced projector is offering, and how the A1500 can replace any latest television priced in the same price range.

Well, most of the projectors are offering similar specifications. More than 2000 lumens of brightness level, HDMI port, USB port, a built in speaker and more than 4000 hours of lamp life. Some are even offering 3D connectivity, which is great. Now, taking into considerations the features mentioned above, let’s look at some significant features that the Acer A1500 offers before jumping into TV comparison.

Native Resolution 1920 x 1080
Maximum Resolution 1920 x 1200
Standard Brightness 3100 lumens
Contrast Ratio 20,000:1
Digital Zoom/ Optical Zoom 2x / 1.3x
Vertical Keystone Correction -40°/+40°
Colour Support 1.07 Billion Colors (30-bit)
Minimum Projection Distance 1 metre
Maximum Projection Distance 7.50 m
Maximum Diagonal Image Size 7.62m
Normal Mode Lamp Life 5000 Hours
Extreme Eco Mode Lamp Life 10000 Hours
Ports 1xHDMI, 2xVGA, 1xUSB Type-A, 1xComposite Video, 1xS-video, 2xAudio Inputs, 1xAudio Output,
Speaker 1x10W Mono
Operating Power Consumption 235W in Normal and 195W in Eco-mode

The projector packs every feature that a similarly priced device offers. However, does this really have the capability to replace a sleek LED backlit television? Well, let’s check out.

I just did a research to check the best specifications offered by a television priced under a price tag of nearly Rs.85, 000. And well at this price tag one can buy a television as big as 65-inch, while at the same time some are offering products with a diagonal screen size of just 40-inches. I know a television is not all about screen size and there are plenty of other aspects connected to it as well, nevertheless the size of screen is a significant factor that easily influences one’s buying choice. Apart from display, the TVs offer 4K Ultra high definition screen resolution which is one of the finest display resolution available in the market right now. However, even if brands are delivering products with 4K resolution, there’s not enough content available in the market right now to enjoy content in 4K. Lastly, there are ports and connections that vary from device to device.

Now, if we compare these features to Acer A1500 projector. Well, the projector is a strong competitor. It can offer a projection as big as 100-inch, more than one connectivity option, mobility and varying screen size. The projection can be changed varying on your preference and available distance. And because it’s lightweight, you can carry the device around anytime. Now let’s talk in-depth about the Acer A1500 projector and why you shouldn’t waste your money on a television if you love watching movies with friends and family or alone, and the space is not a concern.


Acer A1500 Projector

Acer A1500 Projector features a simple design with rounded edges that accentuate the compactness. It has an enamel-white chassis that can fit comfortably in any home and does not look peculiar at all. On front, there is a lens with focus ring fitted around it. There is a light sensor placed adjacent to the lens. The fan is placed on one side of the projector which means you would need some extra space on one side of the projector so that proper air flow could be maintained. Unlike other projectors that use a lock stand there is a bolt mounting that helps in increasing the height of the printer. I liked the idea of using a bolt in place of lock, as you can easily unscrew it for choosing the appropriate height, and it’s also precise compared to the other one. All the controls are placed on top of the projector with another light sensor adjacent to them. The controls are easy to use and there is a remote control packed with the projector that makes the tasks easier.

Acer A1500 Projector connecting ports

All the connecting ports are placed on the rear size of the projector. There’s only one HDMI port which might influence if you need to connect a couple of devices at a single time, e.g set-top box, laptop, and PS 4.

Acer A1500 Projector audio speaker

The fan on the projector is super silent compared to any other projector I’ve used so far. The company projects 28dB of noise in economy mode, while it produces 31dB of noise in standard mode. While the audio speaker on the other hand is loud, clear and does not distort even at maximum volume.

Acer A1500 Projector bag


The Acer A1500 Projector offers a FHD screen resolution with a brightness as high as 3100 lumens. I’ve used projectors offering similar, smaller and ever bigger number brightness, however there’s something extraordinary with the A1500. The projector is fabulously bright in low light conditions and at the same time bright enough for enjoying gaming in moderate lighting conditions. At this price tag, it’s one of the brightest projectors I’ve used so far.

Acer A1500 Projector Performance

The blacks are dark which enhances the overall colour reproduction. Colours don’t intermix making the images look sharper and cleaner. Even when I used a projection of nearly 70-inches picture production was above average and the videos looked fun as well. Colours were pretty accurate with appropriate amount of sharpness in them.

I used the projector with USB, VGA and HDMI port, all of them performed really well leaving no room for limitation in performance section.

The projector is backed by a DLP (digital light processing) projection engine and also supports 3D. It can project an image as big as 85-inches from a mere distance of 2.5metres. The projector also emulates one of the standard colour reproduction Rec. 709 HDTV, which is unusual among other machines these days.

Zoom ring and focus ring are easy to use. The rings are supple and we didn’t find any problem with them during our testing period.

Try to play high-definition content as many times as possible for a perfect viewing experience. Most of the set-top boxes available in market nowadays offer Full HD content transmission so you might not need to worry about content quality.

You can view 3D content on this projector; however the 3D eyeglasses are not packed with the unit. What’s packed inside the box is-

  • A1500 DLP Projector
  • AC Power Cord
  • Battery for Remote Control
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Remote Control
  • Security Card
  • User’s Guide (CD-ROM)
  • VGA Cable
  • Carrying Case

Although, we were expecting the projector to be packed with all its cables for easy setup, there was no HDMI cable packed inside the box and we had to use one of our own.

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If the projector is needed for both office and home use and you’ll be carrying it around most of the times. Acer has done a great job by packing a sling bag along with it.

Final Verdict

Why do you need a television when a projector can replace it easily? Yes, the Acer A1500 is one the best choices you can look for if you’re looking for a home entertainment projector. The projector not only offers great picture quality but also packs various connection choices, remote control and a very loud audio speaker making it a perfect package for watching movies and playing games.

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