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Acer XB240H LCD Gaming Monitor Review


Rs. 20199


    •Sharp Picture Quality
    •Affordable 144Hz Monitor


    •Viewing angles suffers a bit

The Acer XB240H is a 24-inch LCD monitor that utilizes Nvidia's G-Sync technology to deliver smooth gaming performance.
  • Review


Just like the company’s XR341CKA gaming monitor, the Acer XB240H LCD Monitor comes with Nvidia’s G-Sync technology offering 144Hz refresh rate along with 1ms response time. Sporting a Full HD resolution display, the Acer XB240H can be availed in 24-inch, and 27-inch screen sizes, and is known to deliver smooth gaming performance.

Acer XB240H LCD Monitor

The unit we had comes in 24-inch and costs around INR 27999 though Flipkart is offering the monitor for a discounted price of Rs. 22306. Based on IPS (In-plane switching) Panel, the Acer XB240H LCD Monitor offers a good viewing angle without much color shifting.

Design and Features

The latest LCD from Acer might not have the most eye-catching design, but it does come with some yoga abilities. It is fixed on a stiff stand, which allows the display to move upward and downward. The screen can engage in some tilting positions (up to 35 degrees) making the screen adjustable according to the user’s comfort level.

Acer XB240H Design

The 24-inch display is clad in a glossy black bezel from the front and has a matte finishing on the back. The bottom right part of the bezel is host to six function buttons that let the users access menu and settings. Also the OSD buttons offers access to select input source, turn the display on/off and choose from five picture presets (User, Eco, Standard, Graphics and Movie), while the center part includes Acer logo.

Acer XB240H Features

I am sure the design might not appeal to the general public, but it is something that is sure to attract the gamers. It further features a rounded glossy base with an orange accent ring; connected to a stand with VESA mounting. The VESA mounting offers support for ergonomic adjustments like tilting, and pivot and height adjust. The screen can be rotated to 90 degrees though it cannot perform swiveling.

Acer XB240H Design and Features

The back comprises ports for Display Port, VGA-In, DVI-D IN, HDMI (MHL), Audio In, Audio Jack, and Power. Also, the power button can be found on the back side.


The latest gaming monitor from Acer comes with a maximum contrast ratio of 100000000:1, which is like over 20 times the contrast ratio of a 5000000:1 PC display, and this makes XB240H visually a sheer delight. And with the perfect combination of 144Hz refresh rates and 1 ms response time, Acer XB240H manages to render detailed and fast moving images smoothly that in turn helps in reducing the motion blur.

Acer XB240H Performance

The brightness levels of XB240H are good compared to most of the 24-inch LCD monitors, and in the games like Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 you can easily spot the enemies even in the darker areas. And in the games like Batman: Arkham Knight, which has all of its scenes created during the night, the black levels looked quite good. The panel’s 144Hz refresh rate delivers smooth action while playing Battlefield 4 on a PC and Call of Duty: Black Ops on the PlayStation 3.

Moreover, the games like Watch Dogs, GTA5 that are the combination of racing and shooting; the XB240H managed to deliver an immersive gaming experience in almost all sessions of game play through its excellent color reproduction and brightness levels. Visually everything thrown to Acer XB240H looked remarkably great. However, available with TN Panel, there is a noticeable shift in colors when viewed from extreme sides.

Acer XB240H Performance7

Further, armed with Nvidia’s G-Sync technology and 144Hz refresh rate, Acer XB240H seems quite obedient in delivering smooth gaming performance. The G-Sync technology facilitates in synchronizing the monitor’s refresh rate to the GPU render rate making sure gamers experience smoothest and fastest gaming ever. This technology even helps in minimizing the stutters that occur on display and eliminates the screen tearing. Compared to most of the 24-icnh G-Sync based monitors; the Acer XB240H excelled in performance when it comes to gaming.

The Acer XB240H comes with various customization options, so for if you are amongst the gamers looking to tweak the picture settings, then you are in luck. This monitor includes pictures modes like User Profile, Eco, Standard, Graphics, and Movie to suit every gamer’s needs. The difference between each mode is slight; with the exception being Eco; as this mode dims the backlight somewhat saturates the colors a bit. Personally, I played the game with User Profile Mode most of the time, and it made game looked amazing. With OSD functions, you can control brightness, contrast, focus and color temperature.

Acer XB240H Performance8

What might disappoint you a bit is the sound performance. The speakers aren’t loud enough and lack bass. It is recommended to make use of external speakers to experience better sound quality. Further, the monitor is 3D ready; all you need to do is get the NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 Wireless Glass Kit to experience 3D gaming. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the 3D Glasses to test the 3D gaming compatibility.

Acer XB240H Performance9

Final Verdict

The Acer XB240H 24-Inch Gaming Monitor might not wow all the gaming enthusiasts with its aesthetics when compared to other monitors, and might lack S-Switch found in BenQ monitors; but it manages to offer a stunning visual performance with Nvidia's G-Sync technology and 144Hz refresh rate along with an amazing good color and gray color performance. Moreover, loaded with G-Sync technology this Full HD 1080p based LCD monitor makes the picture more real and dramatic with reduced stuttering and screen tearing. For a price tag it comes with, Acer XB240H LCD Monitor is a one of the best affordable gaming display ever made. I am sure with this monitor you will not be disappointed when the action gets intense in the game and scenes where clarity and color accuracy is of utmost importance.

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