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Benq EW2440ZH Eyecare Monitor |Review|


Rs. 11, 088


    • Premium built
    • Bright and vibrant color reproduction
    • Easy to assemble
    • Puts less strain on eyes


    • Yellowish color reproduction in low blue light
    • Dull sound through the headphones (could be unit specific)

Benq low blue light technology monitor that produces good color and contrast at the same time puts less strain on our eyes.
  • Review

Benq EW2440ZH Eyecare eye care Monitor

Electronic products manufacturer Benq launched two monitors in the month of April 2016 in its Eye Care Series: The Benq EW2440ZH and The Benq EW2750ZL eye care monitor.

The company claims their monitors let the user enjoy high quality visual content without compromising with the health of their eyes. The Company believes that its new Flicker free technology and proprietary blue light puts less strain on the users eyes and allow them to enjoy seamless content viewing for a very long duration of time.

Truth is we can’t keep ourselves away from gadgets as they have become a part of our life but definitely with such an optimistic technology we can relax a while.

What is Low Blue Light?

Before starting the review let me explain you what this blue light is and how this new Benq flicker free technology works. So light is produced by a light source (LEDs or CCFL) which is installed on the back surface of the screen. After the light is produced by a light source this light passes through a panel of crystals that refract the light forming image on the screen. This is how the LCD monitors work that we generally use in our households. Earlier these light sources were CCFLs that works like a normal light used in our houses, this CCFL used to flicker nearly 200 times a second flickering the screen imperceptibly. But after the innovation of LEDs the light sources have improved with better color reproduction but the flickering effect retains producing blue light which is harmful to our eyes. You can’t notice the flicker with your naked eyes but it can easily be seen through a digital camera. A digital camera can capture that flickering easily showing gridlines on the monitor.

There are a number of bad effects of blue light on our eyes such as blurred vision, strain and headache.

Benq has developed a technology that they say produces zero flickering at the same time reducing the production of blue light in the monitor.

The new Benq EW2440ZH monitor that we reviewed has that technology and this is how it performed in daily usage.

We have the Benq EW2440ZH, it’s a 24-inch IPS display monitor priced at an MRP of Rs.12, 500; however you can get the monitor at much lesser prize on Amazon.

We tested the Benq EW2440ZH eye care monitor on different parameters (multimedia, reading, surfing, office work) for more than 10 hours a day in a period of 30 days.


Appreciating craftsmanship, Slicker bezel design of Benq EW2440ZH monitor looks really nice on its anti-glare screen. There are no bezels on three sides of the monitor; however there’s a thin ribbon like bezel on the bottom with Benq embossed on it. The bezel is made of dark grey or metallic silver color brushed metal that looks finely crafted. A shiny tough plastic stand is used for keeping the monitor stable on surface.

Benq EW2440ZH Eyecare Monitor dimensions

The dimensions of the monitor:

Screen length measures nearly 1ft 10cm, breadth measures around 1ft 1cm and diagonally the display size is approx. 2ft.

(Dimensions- HxWxD mm= 413.9×539.4×195).

The Benq EW2440ZH eye care monitor has a non-reflective front that does not show any reflections when the screen is turned off which gives a better viewing experience. At rear a good quality plastic material is used that doesn’t garble the beauty of the monitor, it’s tough and sturdy. All buttons are placed at bottom right corner behind the screen. Function keys are easily accessible and the interface for settings is also very user friendly.

Benq EW2440ZH Eyecare Monitor connection ports

All the connection ports are aligned vertically at the back of monitor. This vertical alignment of ports keeps the connection tangle free and easy to use rather than shifting hand from one corner to another. One VGA port, 2 HDMI 1.4 port, 1 headphone jack (3.5mm) and a power input port is available.

Benq EW2440ZH Eyecare panel

I didn’t find any complications connecting it to my PC (via HDMI and VGA). For assembling, everything is provided inside the box, you just have to get it out of box and put the right equipment in right place. Screws are already placed on their position by the company itself, you just have to place the monitor on stand and voila you’re good to go.

Benq EW2440ZH Eyecare Advanced Multi-DomainThe design and display seems to be one of the nicest choices out there due to its ultra slim bezel sporting a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (Full HD), 178 degrees viewing angle and a refresh rate of 60 Hz. Also, the Benq EW2440ZHeye-care monitor sports an AMVA+ (Advanced Multi-Domain Vertical Alignment ‘Plus’) panel.


Color Performance

  • Whites- While using Benq EW2440ZH eye care monitor I felt like the whites are a bit yellowish in low blue light settings however standard setting mode is also available to give you the usual monitor feeling. But for performance check I used the monitor on low blue light mode to check the level of strain that this monitor puts on my eyes. I didn’t find any issues in color reproduction and there was no strain on the eyes even after long duration of usage.
  • Blacks- Blacks are infinite dark this makes video rendering far more enticing.
  • Color reproduction was natural, vivid and the details were also very sharp.


There are a number of new features that Benq has added to its new monitor series:

  • Cinema mode
  • Super Resolution
  • Smart Focus

Cinema Mode- Cinema Mode is a new feature that uses Benq’s Exclusive Engine technology that automatically processes and fine tunes all the video content you’re watching.

Super Resolution- This feature helps in fine tuning the quality of images that have a lower resolution compared to screen size by automatically restoring the static or dynamic problem spots.

Smart Focus is a feature that reduces pop ups appearing online while watching videos on the internet.

Blue Light which is the main cause of eye damage, eye strain and sleeping disorders has reduced to its minimum level by Benq in this series of monitors.

I could easily watch movies, surf internet or work online for a very long duration of time without any strain on eyes or tears sliding down my cheeks.

Benq EW2440ZH Eyecare low bluelight

The monitor is built with four color presets:

Multimedia- 30% Blue Light Reduction

Web Surfing- 50% Blue Light Reduction

Office work- 60% Blue Light Reduction

Reading mode- 70% Blue light reduction

As the percentage of blue light reduces on the new Benq EW2440ZH eye care monitor it puts lesser strain on our eyes compromising with the color reproduction as colors start to get a warmer tint.


Screen size: 23.8 inches

Panel Type:  AMVA+ (E2E)

Backlight:‎  LED‎

Aspect Ratio‎:  16:9

Resolution:  1920 x 1080

Brightness (max):  250

Color support:  16.7 million

Viewing angle: 178ᵒ horizontal, 178ᵒ vertical

Response time:  4ms (G2G)

Contrast ratio:  3000:1‎

Final Verdict

In this Price category with all the given features I must say it’s one of the best choices available out there. Color reproduction is vibrant even in low blue light settings and keeps the content sharp. What I do like the most about the new Benq EW2440ZHeye-care monitor is its design, color reproduction, infinite blacks and easy assembling. The new flicker free low blue light technology is very effective, even after using the Benq EW2440ZH eye care monitor for more than 10 hours a day I didn’t feel much strain or any kind of headache. The Power cord provided inside the box is of decent quality and measures around 11ft. There is only one thing to mention. While using the headphones connected to monitor sound levels were not appropriate, there was no bass and the volume level was also not high (this could be a unit specific problem). So I connected another earpiece but the results were same, otherwise the new Benq EW2440ZH eye care monitor is a beautiful choice.

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