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BenQ XL2430T 144Hz Gaming Monitor Review


Rs. 26990


    • High refresh rate, great performance
    • Adjustable stand
    • Separate settings control switch
    • Low blue light panel is easy on eyes


    • Over processed colors
    • Too pricey
    • Narrow viewing angles

The Latest gaming screen from BenQ has 1ms GTG with 144Hz refresh rate! But it is costly.
  • Review


Games are getting heavier and life-like day by day. With every next game, I feel the need for a display that can be faster and better in resolution at the same time.

There are televisions sprouting up in this category that support 4K resolution and can swindle frames at the speed of 200 every second. But gaming monitors have been catching up lately at a very diligent pace. Though gaming accessories are in scant availability in India, BenQ never fails to show up with whatever tech they have got up their sleeves in the market.

BenQ XL2430T is one of kind 24-inch monitor, not only because it costs Rs 36,000, but the Full HD panel supports 144Hz refresh rate and has 1 ms of GTG (grey to grey) response time. Wonder what that means in game?


BenQ XL2430T Design

Like always, BenQ has mated useful design to formidable looks on the XL2430T. For a 24-inch gaming monitor, its cool looks are awesome, meant to give gaming rigs their fair share of fearsome façade.

The body is made in matt black plastic with accents of red thrown in at a few places. Providing stability to the much smaller base of the stand, compared to the XL2320T, portion holding the screen is bent at an angle. The screen hinges on a pivot that is fixed in tracks carved on the stand. XL2430T can hence smoothly be slid to required height, be turned by 90 degrees into portrait orientation. The display can also swivel left and right owing to the rotating disc the angular stand is mounted on. Including the tilt motion screen can move in four different ways to get the right viewing angle.

S-switch is redesigned in line with the theme to a cookie shaped controller with a scroll and five buttons. Different presets can be toggled between using three of the numbered buttons. The menu interface of the monitor isn’t very easy to use otherwise, if you don’t have something like S-Switch.

Rating 4.5/5

Gaming Performance

BenQ XL2430T Gaming Performanc

Honestly, a 144Hz refresh rate is like the speed of bullet trains versus a metro train of normally used 60Hz monitor.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare was the game we wanted to play on the monitor to see how it feels. Though the game is locked at 90fps (but still we went beyond), there is a lot of difference compared to playback on a 60Hz monitor. It’s easier said than experienced; the gamer partakes in a new level of experience.

Most of the games are locked at a frame rate lower than 100 to keep a line of equality. But there are unlockers available to get past that limit.

Rating 4.5/5

Picture Quality

BenQ XL22430T is fitted with a TN (Twisted Nematic) panel that has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The screen has a high contrast ratio of 12 million: 1, which is unusually high for a PC monitor.

For the price that BenQ XL2430T demands we didn’t find its picture quality topping standards. There are two specific things that the monitor doesn’t pay attention to– color production and local brightness (local darkness). In most of its gaming modes, the monitor likes to keep the screen dark. Though it’s quite the scenario while playing that you don’t need much brightness; plus there are other modes that the monitor can be tweaked for, to increase brightness (gamer 1). But it would either be too dark, or be too overly filled with dark colors if the brightness isn’t high. And if it is, the picture gets too grainy and washed out sometimes when compared to other Full HD screens (non-gaming/ gaming). The Rs 23K Acer XB240H, that also found a way to our lab, could never be defeated in this department whichever mode we used.

Moreover, its viewing angles also aren’t the stuff of admiration. As you steer away from the front, reflection starts to step in hazing out the view. With 4 types of adjustment available, BenQ wants you to keep the screen strictly to yourself and be called a selfish dork, probably who pays too much attention to details.

Though I do want my games to be smoother and fast in response, I don’t want to do that by sacrificing on picture quality. That is the whole point of buying a monitor that supports 1920×1080 Full HD frame, at a rate of over 120 fps. But I was left slightly disappointed when compared the color rendering with our 120Hz Full HD display used for video editing.

Rating 3/5

Value for money

Despite being priced at Rs 33,500, the monitor loses out on rich color portfolio, black levels, and local contrast. Agreed that it’s a gaming monitor and a category specific product not meant to perform in every way. But Despite having a humungous contrast ratio, it couldn’t create a natural looking imagery.

It’s partly due to the default/ inherent low blue light control that the monitor is unable to achieve its expected flawless contrast and black levels. This though saves your eyes, to an extent, from the harmful effects of blue light. There is a dedicated low blue light mode to yellow things up much more. But even if gaming performance is concerned, addition of features like G-sync would have made more sense its price. Otherwise 2ms GTG on 120Hz panel of the BenQ XL2420XT isn’t a bad deal.

Rating 3/5

Final Verdict

The lighting fast BenQ XL2430T offers amazing gaming performance and an assortment of connection options. Housing a Full HD panel backed by 1ms response for smooth gaming experience, its structure manages to look well-made and swanky, and is useful in the smallest of setup and usage aspects. If you are in to a serious gaming ploy, this monitor will serve for the money spent on it. Because, it is built for high performance (and formidable looks). Else there are other low cost options that have even better display quality.