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Bose Sound Dock 10 Review

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Detailed Review:

Music seems to be the guiding force for many. It is one thing that can make you feel live and kicking. However if you listen to it in ordinary speakers then you are not going to love it so much. Music is something that should touch your souls and for that the clarity of the song and the performance of the speakers matters a lot.

There was a time when iPod speakers were a rarity and it is then that Bose came out with the first Sound Dock in the market. That was way back in the year 2004 and since then there has been loads of new docks which have come out. However over the years Bose has also made significant changes to the first dock that it came up with and very recently it launched the Bose Sound dock 10.

Bose has been known to come with products that can deliver. They are a combination of looks and performance and that is what has helped the company grow all these years. Considered to be one of the best companies into this market, Bose has been known for their devices which have been way above the other devices of the market. Minimalist styling, good sound, classy speaker, loud sound without distorting the same and simple to use are some of the factors that has lead Bose to the pinnacle of success.

The Bose Sound Dock 10 is 17 inch wide, 9 inch high and 10 inch deep. With these dimensions, the device is still considered to be one of the slimmest docks available in the market. It is indeed well crafted as it is devoid of any buttons and can be operated only by the remote that comes with the same. For some this can be a disadvantage as well as it would become quite a task to adjust the volume once you loose the remote. The model is well built and weighs a hefty 18.9 pounds.

Bose Sound Dock 10 centerpiece consists of a single custom woofer and two Bose Twiddler transducers which belt out amazing music. Although the device doesn’t have any such negatives but there are certain things that the masses would love to see in their Bose Sound Dock 10. Bose is known for its sound however its time they did something about the video part too. The device lacks a clock and a radio and thus you would have to place your iPod in the dock to listen to songs. It can also be connected to the television sets however the video part being absent, Bose Sound Dock 10 does seem somewhat incomplete.

 The Dock is bluetooth enabled and you can play your songs even from quite a distance. However if you go too far, say about 40 feet from the base then a light starts flashing on the device thus signalling that streaming may get affected because of the distance. Hence Bose Sound Dock 10 is a music lover’s best friend and can be rated 9/10 for its unique features and performance as there is no other company that can give Bose a run for thier money.

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