Canon RealiS SX80 Mark II Review

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If you are looking for a good business projector then you do not need to look any further than the all new Canon RealiS SX80 Mark II. It is a projector with a difference. The device is priced at around INR 125,000 and has quite many features rolled into the same so as to make it more lucrative to the masses. Bright display and excellent image quality are some of the talking points of the Canon RealiS SX80 Mark II. Whenever you are about to get yourself a good projector, what is the first thing that you look into the same? Is it the one compelling feature, the high resolution or the colour balance which actually helps you make the decision? Well, whatever be the case, the Canon RealiS SX80 Mark II is surely going to woo you. The device has dimensions of about 4.8 x 13 x 13.4 inches and weighs 11.5 pounds. Although the device is considered as a portable gadget yet in reality, it is a bit heavy to be considered a portable device. Let us delve deep into the same and find out what the Canon RealiS SX80 Mark II has on offer for the masses.

The Canon RealiS SX80 Mark II comes with an easy installation and setup process. To add to it, the device comes with the Auto Set button which sets the device right, lets it automatically focus and sync it to any incoming signal. The focus and the zoom of the projector can be manually adjusted too, incase you are not too happy with the performance of the Canon RealiS SX80 Mark II. The device comes with HDMI 1.3 port, DVI-I port, VGA input, pass through monitor port, S-Video as well as a composite video port. If you are very particular about the brightness of the projector then you would certainly be happy to hear that the Canon RealiS SX80 Mark II is bright enough and measures 3000 lumens. The Canon RealiS SX80 Mark II is more kind of a data project and thus you get to have bright colours, fully saturated colours, good colour balance and neutral grey shades however, you do miss good video images. Most of the projectors in the Canon RealiS SX80 Mark II’s category do not have very good audio system and it seems that Canon could not do much about you.

So what do we conclude about the Canon RealiS SX80 Mark II? Well, the device does have its shortcomings in the form of bulky body and low volume but it does have certain positives which help it hog the limelight. Few of these features include LCOS technology and the capability to show images from USB memory keys and PictBridge cameras. Hence, if you are looking for a projector which would boast of fine control and good colour settings then you should go for the Canon RealiS SX80 Mark II. It is meant for those who are particular about getting the colours right and if you are one of them then this device is definitely meant for you.



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