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Clean Master Review




    • Simple UI
    • Fast
    • Multi-functional


    • No Widgets

Install, uninstall and remove caches with the latest utility tool, Clean Master is a perfect software that detects and drains out the unwanted items hogging the storage of the smart phone. Clean Master proves easily accumulates files that you no longer need, making the device more efficient and speedier.
  • Review


Clean Master is a free to download utility app that helps in removing the leftovers whenever you install and uninstall the certain apps. It is a useful tool that allows the users to clean up their Android devices. The app also identifies caches that stored in the device even after the removing the app, and these caches jam lots of free space.

Clean Master Application

So, the use of Clean Master saves a lot of space in your device. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Android devices, of course for free of cost. Let us find out if this manages to prove efficient like spring clean or just another laid back app for Android?

Clean the Mess Up

The interface of Clean Master is quite simple clean and highly responsive; actually it features a Halo user interface. Its main screen will let you know how much storage is left in your phone memory and SD card. The screen comes with four options to select from- Privacy, Junk, Tasks and App Manager.

Clean Master Mobile Application

With Junk, you can clean up the mess created from caches and residual files. In Privacy, users can access the private content such as texts and Facebook’ it then gives users an option to remove the caches or not.

Clean Master Mobile App

Further, Tasks is useful for eliminating the unnecessary apps; straightforward, it is a task killer. This is also present in various smart phones and helps in closing the apps that are not in use; hence, speeding up the performance of your device. Finally, its App Manager that gives you access to uninstall any program. It also allows you to check which app is consuming the most memory.

Clean Master Features

Though it is simple to use and understand, but for beginners and first time smart phone users will take some time to get familiar with it. Once you are set to use it, the first thing that`ll strike in your mind is its speed. Damn it’s quite good; better than I have ever seen in any other such tool.

Clean Master Mobile Apps for Android Devices

Clean Master just takes a couple of seconds to clear the caches and unwanted residual files from your device. This makes the app more effective compared to apps that take minutes to execute the task. Clean Master comes with a one tap boost feature, which helps in eliminating the non-essential running apps.


Clean Master Mobile Application for Android Devices

  • Junk files clean caches along with residual files
  • Cleans selected message (Text and MMS)
  • Even it clear selected call logs, Google search history
  • Kills running tasks that are not being used
  • App Managers help in uninstalling and backing up the apps

Final Verdict

Clean Master is a tool, which is fast, responsive, intuitive and user-friendly, though it does not include any widgets. It’s simple UI makes everything quite accessible and straightforward. Though there are other tools but not as good and responsive then Clean Master. So, if you are an Android user and facing the space problem in your device, I would recommend you to try using Clean Master, it is worth the download.

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