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Corsair Strafe Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review- Crafted For Gamers


Rs. 10899


    • Robust Built
    • Decent Cue Software
    • USB Pass through port
    • Fun to use
    • Tactile response


    • Noisy for an office
    • Heavy

Corsair Strafe Blue Mechanical keyboard is a high-end gaming keyboard that offers fast and accurate performance with Individual LED backlighting.
  • Review


Corsair Strafe Keyboard

Heavy body, robust design and beautiful individual lighting, define the Corsair Strafe Cherry MX Blue mechanical keyboard. Gaming is fun, all the time. And if you have such a robust machine, things get serious and fun at the same time. Some say it’s the updated version of Corsair K70 keyboard, while some say it’s better than Razer Blackwidow Chroma, for me it’s a gamers’ delight. Now you just need your favourite game, your favourite gaming mouse and a ROG PC for a long full night gaming session.

How to define the design of a keyboard? I mean, some might say that a heavy keyboard sits tight on the surface, while some choose a lighter one. But definitely a heavy keyboard sits fits on the surface that gives it a nice ground. And you also don’t have to worry that your might slip off in case someone pulls the wire.

Corsair Mechanical Keyboard has one of the finest crafted keyboard designs of all time. It’s heavy weighing 1.36KG, which is one the reasons why it parks perfectly on the table surface. The keyboard measures 17.6 x 6.7 x 1.6 inches in dimensions. The red color LED backlighting is ideal and gives a complete gamers’ environment to the user. Even on the sides it has that sleek LED streak running through the edges which gives it a complete gaming appearance. Each keycap is moulded with a smooth while the spacebar is made up of textured plastic.

Corsair Strafe Mechanical

What impressed me the most is the customization option available in the Corsair keyboard software which is available on their website. It’ll take a couple of minutes for you to understand the user interface of the software and also to start customising the lighting effect. There are around 6 presets that you can choose from. All of them are fun and change the lighting design completely. The brightness level of LED lighting can also be selected by the key provided on the top right corner on the Keyboard.

corsair strafe gaming keyboard

Apart from the keyboard, the mechanical wire that corsair has used is also made up of high quality material and is very tough. There are two wires, one for connecting the keyboard while the other one is for using the USB port. So you can either connect one of them or connect both at a time. Inside the box, there was a keyboard along with FPS/MOBA keycap set and Keycap remover.

The keys on the keyboard are not completely concave, but just a little curve which makes them comfortable for fingers and make typing more fun. However, there is no dock for keeping hands for a comfortable typing experience, but the feet on the keyboard have a rubberised finish which manages to hold the ground. The stubby feet of the keyboard give it a height increase of nearly one-inch. The keyboard has 104 keys out of which there are no media functional keys, and there’s no volume control as well. You can adjust the brightness level of the LED backlight by a dedicated key on the keyboard which also provides 3 brightness levels, but it’s just only a single red color LED and not a RGB like the Corsair Strafe RGB or Razer BlackWidow Chroma, which gets quite boring over the period of time.

Corsair Strafe Keyboard Gaming

Talking about the performance of the new Corsair Strafe keyboard, I tested It on various games such as Mad Max Fury, Call of duty black ops, Mafia 3 and Battlefield 1 to name a few. The moment you put on your headphones and start to enjoy the music and gameplay. You realize that keyboard gives you a very tactile response. There are moments when you press the keys harder or softer, but the keyboard responses in the perfect way we expect it to be. The fingers on the keyboard sit nice and comfortably and you might not feel missing the keys as the design is just right. Apart from all the other games which are mentioned above, you can also look for, “The typing of the Dead: Overkill”, the game actually require typing to go hand in hand which actually tests the performance of the new Strafe keyboard. Compared to many other keyboards, the strafe keyboard didn’t show any kind of registering issues with the strokes. And because of the Anti-ghosting feature on the keyboard, you precisely get the response that you expect every time. The keys are softer than the Logitech G310 Atlas(review) and also the typing is better on the Strafe keyboard.

Well, the new Strafe keyboard have Cherry MX blue switches which are tactile, fast, accurate and louder compared to the Roger-G mechanical keys on the Logitech G310 Atlas. The Roger-G mechanical Keys are a little quieter and also have less resonance compare to the Cherry MX switches.

Final Verdict

So, whether you should choose Corsair Strafe Cherry MX blue or not is not a question. As it’s one of the best mechanical gaming keyboards available out there. And the Matte finishing on the Corsair Strafe with individual LED backlighting and of course more tactile response makes it a better choice over the Logitech G310 Keyboard. Still, I think if corsair have provided the Volume controls and multimedia keys on top of the keyboard. It would have become the best choice under a price bracket of 10K.

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