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Dead or Alive 5 Review: Last Round PlayStation 4


Rs. 3499


    • Huge Roster of Interesting Fighters
    • Impressive Fighting Mechanics
    • Improved Graphics
    • Great Arenas


    • Few Glitches
    • Too Much Obscenity
    • Weak and Silly Storyline

The latest and of course the last update to Dead or Alive 5 brings something special for the Next Gen Consoles. DOA Last Round comes bundled with more stages, characters and costumes, and some kick*** fun.
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Dead or Alive 5 Last Round is the final and the last revision to the infamous Fighting Game in the Dead or Alive series, especially to the DOA 5. The latest update includes most of the characters from Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate along with the DLC characters; and two additional characters and stages. The game is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Dead or Alive 5 Game

Featured with loads of existing and new content with some graphical improvements along with impressive lineup of fighters, Dead or Alive 5 Last Round comes filled with the most beautiful brawlers that are set to put the stage on fire. .  The game costs around Rs. 3499 in India with some downloadable content that includes mostly the sexy outfits for the female characters. Let us role through the write up and find out is the Last Stand worth your time?

The Last Round

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round roster includes mainstays like Ayane, Kasumi, Tina Armstrong, Zack and Ein. Other than these Ninja Gaiden transplants like Momiji and Rachel; Virtua Fighter characters like Sarah, Jackie, Pai and Akira. Raidou from the DOA; and mind it the latest iteration includes some hot smoking semi-nude female assailants. So, there’s a bit of something for everyone out there. If you are a huge fan of DOA’s sexy version, this is the game update you won’t like missing.

Dead or Alive 5 playstation game

Known for its fluid fighting mechanics and some beautiful fighters that won’t allow you to ditch the fight in between, Dead or Alive 5 is one of the most popular fighting games ever made. Since its release for Xbox 360 and PS3, Dead or Alive game has been to a whole new level; and with the latest update the game puts its foot on the Next Gen Consoles. The game features improved and polished moves and mechanics that we have all come to know and loved. Developer Team Ninja has made use of a new Soft Engine that gives a different softness to the character’s bodies.

All the fighters that were present in DOA 5 including DLC’s add-on are too back in the latest update to the game; though the new addition don’t add much to the package but does take the gameplay to a new level. DOA has always been known for its contrasting fight sales featured in the game; and it seems the tradition continues in the latest update with little bit of tweak here and there. A re-release to the last generation game (PS3 and Xbox 360), Dead or Alive 5: Last Round revolves around a one-on-one fighting tournament with tortuously lengthy and nonsensical cinemas, and then there is a story mode that poorly explains the history of the tournament. And trust me; it will take an exceptional kind of inebriation to get through this palate of Japanese soap opera, especially when there is a huge lag time between the matches.

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round PlayStation 4

The game isn’t all about its voyeuristic vibe but it also includes some improved game mechanics that have again unfortunately taken a backseat to the heaving bosoms swinging all around in the game. Of course, the game isn’t meant for kids under age 16 due to its partial nudity, sexual themes and violence.

Then comes the Dead or Alive’s interactive multi-tiered battle arenas that have always set the game apart. Landing a power blow to the opponents kicks them into the stage’s Danger Zone, where the opponent has to go knocking down through speeding locomotive, debris and even hurled off a skyscraper. The arena includes plenty of walls to smash the opponents through. This thing looks spectacular and ridiculously over-the-top, offering the fights a cinematic flair of the summer action blockbuster.

The latest iteration to DOA5 boast enhanced visuals with 60 frames per second and 1080p resolution, making a way for more graphically enhanced CG models along with smoother animation. Still, there were some noticeable sparse in the gameplay. Moreover, the developer has ensured that all the female characters in the game look sexually appealing with those semi-transparent clothes, making gaming more astounding- for some. The game is of course sexually exploitative, and the 33 new optional costumes make it more revealing. Also, just like other fighting games DOA’s update offers hundred ways to customize the appearance of each fighter.

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round

All the modes available in DOA 5 are back with the Last Round. As mentioned earlier, the story mode is as incomprehensible as ever and Online features look solid; while the training mode seemed excellent. Despite everything at its disposal, the Last Round comes with few bugs embedded in the aforementioned modes.

Dead or Alive 5 game Review

Final Verdict

The graphical upgrade of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is quite a welcome change in the series, with PS4 and Xbox One giving it a more polished look. Game’s special effects look flashier and characters appear more human. But at the end of the day, these are just superficial changes. The breaking bugs don’t help the game much and voyeurism makes the DOA 5 Last Round more explicit. There’s not much in the game that you would like, but still its mechanics make Last Round worthy of time and money you will spend on it; if only you are new to the fighting games.

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