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Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires Review


Rs. 2850


    • Good Combat Mechanics
    • Different Modes
    • Six Different Scenarios
    • Nice customization


    • Bland Visuals
    • Needs More Map Variety
    • Lack of Immersive Cinematic
    • Lack of Online Mode
    • English Translation Felt like Trash

Despite being a well balanced mix of hack 'n' slash and turn-based strategy gameplay, Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires lacks the charm of scenery graphics and attention to details of the characters.
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Since the time civilizations flourished around the globe, there have been conflicts to attain the supremacy. In strive for progress; different clans have formed allegiances with others with the similar mind; whilst taking stand against those with clashing viewpoint.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Game

And it looks like the gaming industry has taken this stuff quite seriously and has been producing such games since long; and have been using this concept of bygone eras for the sake of content. The latest to join the bandwagon is Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires; which is 8th official installment in the Dynasty Warriors series. Is it fun? Let us scroll down to find more.

The Game

Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires revolves around the chaotic lives of warriors; and their decisions that would affect the rise and fall of the civilization in Ancient China. As a player, you are free to choose from 83 characters; and also customize their own original main character; as fighting your way into bleak wastelands, vast plains and narrow ravines.

It has somewhat similar faction-based storyline retained with seamless cut scenes, what we have seen in previous Dynasty Warriors games. Moreover, the characters you select actually change the fate of battle. There are around six different scenarios to choose from this time; five with historical settings and the last one with completely random outlook. This means Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires has lot to offer; especially when choosing the sixth scenarios, where landscape looks different each time around. This keeps the experience fresh and some odd combinations will appear when it comes to associated rulers of different kingdoms.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Game Xun Yu

New to the franchise is Xun Yu, who is an officer in the Cao Wei Dynasty. This new character has special abilities that let him create areas of electrical force after specific combos. And unfortunately, he is only the new character added in the game; so if you are expecting a big upgrade like those seven members included in the Dynasty Warriors 8 to Xtreme Legends are sure to be disappointed.

Players will not only take a stand against their enemies but will also need to shield themselves and fight out the forces of nature due to the changing seasons that bring new elements to the battlefields affected by the passing of time. Being a turn-based selection game decides how powerful a character can become, while there are also some added decisions that as player you will need to take; to marry and have a family. Players can build stations to improve armor and weaponry, expand the borders, convince other factions to become their allies; making the game feel more like Total War-lite. It is always an excitement to build an empire, but there’s again always an inevitable sense of fear when you know that another battle will take place.

Dynasty Warriors 8 VideoGame

The game comes with Edit Mode that offers newly implemented abilities allowing you to customize banners, horses and other normal officers. Also, the Custom Scenario mode offers features to control the things taking place across the vast Chinese continent. In this mode, players can adjust and control the scenarios and create a new Three Kingdoms World.

From a presentation standpoint, the game doesn’t impress much and compared to its prequel, Xtreme Legends; the Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires graphics and visuals lack the charm. It is same what we have gone through earlier. Assets have been reused to quite an extreme degree; while the historic figures look strikingly more detailed but the surroundings seemed lifeless and bland as before. On the other hand, music and sound performance too felt firmly stuck in the previous games.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Games

Final Verdict

Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires might be a perfect arcade and comes with all the entertaining yet repetitive combats the series has always been known for but it has nothing special that might help you sit close to it. The game might include of features and variety, improved gameplay mechanics and customization modes; and some of you might be content with more of the same, but still Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires doesn’t contain much to warrant a recommendation; still if you are a fan of Dynasty Warriors series, you can juice out some fun from the game.


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