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Evidson Audio Sport W6 Headphone Review


Rs. 1,049


    • Decent build quality
    • Clean and fairly neutral sound output
    • Secure fit


    • Tangle prone
    • Bass could have been better

Evidson Audio Sport W6 is an excellent low-cost headphone with over-the-ear cable routing that offers sports enthusiasts a secure fit along with engaging sound experience.
  • Review


For those who are unaware about Evidson, it is a small unit based in Kerala, and run by some Audio enthusiasts. The unit we received for the review is called the Evidson Audio Sport W6- specifically designed keeping in mind the sports enthusiasts. The W6 headphones have been designed to sit securely in the ears while working out, jogging, running or when indulged in other outdoor activities.

Evidson Audio Sport W6 headphones come with dynamic drivers

The Evidson Audio Sport W6 headphones come with dynamic drivers and are supported by rated impedance of 16Ohms. It has frequency response ranges from 20-20,000Hz, and sensitivity measures in at 118dB. It includes standard 1.3m rubber cable and has been provided with a microphone and single-button in-line remote.

The design reminds of Brainwavz XFIT XF-200 Sports IEM Earphones, from gold plated 3.5mm plug to Y-splitter, to the ergonomically designed dime-sized housing with over-the-ear cable routing that wrap around the ear lobes. The design concept is similar from part of the headphone. The Audio Sport W6 headphones are shaped similarly to Brainwavz XFIT XF-200 and other wrap-around in-ears headsets, and include angular tilted ear tips for a better fit. It has been molded entirely of plastic, which keeps the earphone light and comfortable to wear.

Evidson Audio Sport W6 headphones come with standard rubber cable The W6 comes with a standard rubber cable, which makes it extremely tangle-prone. It comes with Y-splitter that facilitates in distinguishing the Left and Right chords. There is a remote control with a microphone on the right chord, and it can also be used to answer/receive phone call. It lacks other control for volume rockers and music. A total of five sets of ear tips have been included in the box: small, medium, large, bi-flange and tri-flange, so it makes easy for the users to find one that suits them. As I mentioned in my Brainwavz XFIT XF-200 Sports IEM Earphones review, the plastic casing did hurt while in the ear, but was surprised to see that Evidson Audio Sport W6’s casing sit comfortably in ear and didn’t troubled me much unlike Brainwavz XFIT XF 200. On the whole, the W6 comes with a decent balance of functional looks, durability and design.

As expected, the sound performance of Evidson Audio Sport W6 is again somewhere close to my Brainwavz XFIT XF-200 Sports IEM Earphones- neither too good nor too bad. The sound quality justifies the price tag W6 comes with. I tested the W6 on varied genres of music, including jazz, rock, classical and electronic. Responses in the mid-range felt decently good, as is the highs. The bass sounds deep but somewhere lacks the punch it should have had for being a sports headphone. Separation and imaging felt great as well, and the sound experience does make it apparent the involvement of team of audio engineers from South- who managed to design something decent for active listeners.

Evidson Audio Sport W6 headphones come with decent sound output

Priced at Rs 1299, the Evidson Audio Sport W6 headphone isn’t too expensive and delivers decent sound output, but being a sports headset I think it should have been sweat proof at least. The standard rubber cable gets easily tangled and at times will make the users solve the cable puzzle untangling the W6. But then, for Rs. 1299 you cannot ask for everything perfect- the W6 has been smartly designed to sit on the ears even while those rigorous workouts and long runs, it delivers sound good sound isolation that doesn’t distract the users from outside noises. Thanks to its neutrality and clean sound, W6 works with well with all sorts of music genres. If you are still Google searching for sports In-Ear headset with a budget of around 1000 bucks in your pocket, then just give a pause and take a look at Evidson Audio Sport W6 headphone, it is worth consideration.

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