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Flappy Bird Review




    • Funny
    • Free to download
    • Ad free


    • Insanely hard
    • Terrible graphics
    • Poor Gameplay

Flappy Bird is an irritating cute mobile game, which looks simple but is actually a notoriously difficult to play. And if you have loved Flappy Bird, then I am sure you don’t need to play video games again.
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Flappy Bird comes from the house of Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen and was released by dotGears Studios on Apple’s iOS app store earlier. But the developer now has made it available for Android platform too. That was when I decided to download the game on my handset, and see what actually makes it so irritating yet interesting that despite bad reviews people are playing it.

Flappy Bird game

A free download from Google Play doesn’t look a bad deal, after all when you have heard so much about it. The game is several months old, but has suddenly shot to fame after a huge social media exposure, especially for its awkward gameplay and difficulty level, making you play the game again and again.

The GamePlay

Flappy Bird is a free to download mobile game in which as a player you will be controlling the Bird by touching or tapping the screen make flappy flap its wings and navigate between hundreds of pipes without making any contact. If Flappy touches the pipe, it dies- so does the game ends and you need to start again from beginning.

Flappy Bird new game

Don’t worry; it won’t be frustrating to reach the goal as in the beginning you will end up crossing just 1 or 2 pipes before starting the game again. And for every single pipe you make Flappy cross successfully, you earn a point for that. But the big question is how many pipes will you able to Cross? The distance between each pipe is narrow, and Flappy’s clumsy and imprecise control will hardly let you pass through the pipes.

There’s hardly no graphics to talk about in the game. Still, what makes Flappy Bird look intriguing is the nostalgia it offered with its 8-bit graphics, just like old school games we have played in our childhood.

And that’s How Most of You Must Have Played Flappy:

  1. Tap
  2. Crash in to the Pipes
  3. Lose 200 times in a row
  4. Yell
  5. Throw phone across room
  6. Cry

Note this- Flappy Bird will make you feel depressed, it will make you question your life that why the hell on earth you are playing this game. The game is sure to make you feel paranoid whether this funny or not-so-funny head punch game is really a metaphor in gaming or just a joke? However, hate it or curse it, when you finally cross 7-8 pipes in one, you will know what success really means.

Flappy Bird latest mobile game

I am sure you will definitely develop a love-hate relationship with this game. At one time you’ll feel super excited and seconds after you will feel like throwing your phone.

  • Alright Last Game- Dies
  • Alright Last Game- Dies
  • Alright Last Game- Dies
  • Alright Last Game- Dies
  • Alright Last Game- Dies
  • Alright Last Game- Dies
  • Alright Last Game- Dies

Flappy Bird mobile game

Final Verdict

By the dozenth try, I was able to score my highest, i.e. Sixteen. 16!! And at Sixteen I have beaten most of my friends. And in the meantime, I am unable to get through 4th pipe. The joy of reaching the 16th pipe is indescribable and crashing on the 4th pipe again & again afterwards jolts me with boiling anger. It was meant to be simple, and it looks like one unless you play it in real. Well, I thought gaming was supposed to be stress buster, but here Flappy Bird in itself becomes an ultimate source of stress- though a funny one. HAPPY TAPPING!!!


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