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Gamesir G3 Review- Good quality Android and iOS Game Controller


Rs. 1999


    • Solid Built with good quality material
    • Can also be used as Mouse for PCs
    • Tactile feedback
    • Backlit Keys
    • Travel Clip holds the Smartphone Perfectly
    • Rechargeable Battery


    • Cannot be used with PC
    • Connecting via Bluetooth is bit complicated

Gamesir G3 offers a tough plastic form factor offering immersive gaming experience available for Android and iOS users
  • Review


Gamesir G3 is an exclusive gaming controller for Android and iOS devices. The gamepad allows you to experience competitive gaming for most of the high end Android games. Unlike, the Mad catz controllers that you have to purchase separately one either for your Android smartphone or iOS device. The G3 can be used with both the Android and iOS smartphones, however, not with the PC.

Priced at Rs. 3299 in Indian market, the Gamesir G3 is available at a much cheaper price on Amazon. There are a couple of features that differentiate G3 from the Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R. First, it’s the design; the CTRLR is made of shiny plastic which receives scratches quickly compared to the matte finishing on the Gamesir G3. There are two variants of Mad catz controller. One can be connected with iOS devices only, while the other can only be connected with Android devices. However, both can be used with PCs, which is not available in Gamesir G3.

Before we do further comparison. Let’s check out what all Gamesir G3 has to offer.

Look and feel

Gamesir G3 gaming controller

Matte finishing feels better compared to the shiny surface, it’s also scratch resistant. Apart from that matte finishing feels better and gives a better grip while holding the gadget at the same time it doesn’t receive scratches at all. While on the other hand, the shiny consoles might feel glittery from the first impression but receive scratches as soon as we start using them, roughly or drop them a couple of times. That’s just one aspect of it, what I also feel is matte finishing looks premium compared to most of the shiny surfaces.

Using the Gamesir G3 was easy considering the size and placement of buttons. Apart from many other controllers that feel a little heavy and also doesn’t sit firm on palm. The G3 feels ideal in grams and also offer a good grip. The D-pad and XYAB buttons are made up of good quality plastics; also the G-home button with LED backlit keys on background looks better. The Shoulder buttons are taut made up of plastics and are soft to use. While the select, turbo, clear and start buttons are made up of tight rubber.

Gamesir G3 gaming

I used the gamepad for a fairly long period of time. As the number of games that can be played on it is limited, however it never steals the fun that you get while playing the playable games. The buttons perform precisely and also don’t feel stiff even after marathon gaming sessions.


When I started playing games, it took me a minute to get familiar with the Gamesir G3 gamepad. Even when I wasn’t playing games, I could easily switch between applications and games. I played Asphalt Xtreme for a very long period of time and it was more fun playing the game on G3 than on any other gamepad or straight on the smartphone. Asphalt Xtreme ran smooth, showing zero lag and the controls were swift. Switching was smooth and the buttons were also buttery smooth.

Gamesir G3 Performance

On Crazy snowboard, the gamepad was used far less still the performance was very good.

Connecting the Gamesir G3 was easy by the cable, the clamp is also stiff. However, connecting the G3 with Bluetooth was comparatively complicated. Could there be an easier way to connect the gamepad easily via Bluetooth. What is the point of designing a complicated process if it can be done fairly easily?

The company claims that the Gamesir G3 could give you a battery life of 18 hours, which is pretty nice. And I got nearly 15 hours of playback time. Which is again impressive, charge it once and forget.

However, like the Mad Catz controller, there are no multimedia controls. While dead zone is one of the biggest problems with any Android gamepad, the G3 does not show any delays in performance and deliver an immersive gameplay.  Also you don’t have to download any applications for setting up the device, which saves the hassle.

Gamesir G3 gamepad

While playing Modern Combat 5 the controls were super responsive. Crouching, jumping, aiming and running were very natural. The super smooth controls will surely indulge the gamer in marathon gaming sessions. The trigger buttons and direction pad was equally responsive and worked pretty well while shooting and aiming.

Gamesir G3 controls

Final Verdict

Gamesir G3 is a nicely engineered gamepad that comes in a matte finished plastic body. The controls have backlit LED lights that gives a nice touch to the overall form factor while playing. Available at a decent price, Gamesir G3 is one of the best gampads I’ve ever used along with the claimed 18hours of battery backup. Its more addictive than fun.

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