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HP LaserJet Pro M435nw MF Printer Review


Rs. 63750


    • Network capable
    • Wireless connectivity
    • A3 handling
    • Print from USB


    • No built-in duplex

With low printing and overall costs but studded with features this multi-function printer from HP fits the needs of an efficient business center; be it a growing startup or small enterprise.
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Printers are an essential object in any office and become vital when it can perform multiple functions. With technology getting cheaper, multi-function printers (MFPs) are getting more affordable, without compromising on quality. By infusing them with network capabilities, they can be made a lot more easy to use.

A printer built specifically for office use should not only print fast but in a more efficient manner. It should give user the freedom to choose between quality and quantity and allow him to find a point where both are appropriately balanced according to his needs. Moreover, it should be flexible in its printing options, letting the user select the where, when and how of printing with minimum technical know-how. If made affordable too, this league of printers can become the machines that make best possible use of resources. The printer that we will talk about in this review plays good for many of these criteria.

HP M435nw is a multifunction laser printer, capable of printing, scanning and photocopying in up to A3 sizes. Other than creating high quality print outs and scans at decent speeds, its main feature lies in the variety of ways in which it can be commanded for a print-out. Its wireless capability can be used for mobile printing and at the price of Rs 63,750, an affordable one too.

Design and built

HP LaserJet Pro MF printer

The M435nw LaserJet pro is a big and heavy MF printer. It looks much similar to a big photocopier machine with a 500 pages tray at the bottom. And so are most of the printers out there capable of handling A3 pages. If A3 printing is not your forte and you would be mostly printing on A4s or even smaller pages then there are many LaserJet printers like-- with good speed, ink efficiency and whole gamut of connectivity in a much smaller size and price that you can consider.

The top conceals cover the scanner surface supporting scanning size of A3 or roughly two A4 size sheets put side-by-side along the length. This scanning unit rests over the printer outlet. The printer outlet is inset in front of a slanted outlet tray. So you have to reach in to grab the printed paper.

HP M435nw design paper feed

M435nw has 2 paper input trays. Tray 1 rests in the pullout front portion of the printer and mostly would be used for manually feeding the paper. Tray 2 is a drawer-type tray for putting a stack of paper. It has a capacity of 500 pages and big enough to house A3 size pages too.

Beside tray 2 is a USB port which, given its placement, is very convenient and easy while using a pen drive to print or put-in a scan.

At the back there are covered service ports and outlets for clearing jammed pages. Around the right corner USB and Ethernet ports are placed inside a small gate.

All the controls and display is put together on a 3-inch LCD touchscreen and to save space it is not placed on the surface but rather attached on hinge. It can be rotated to a small angle for little adjustment. For other controlling functions, touch responsive buttons become visible when they might be required.


HP LaserJet Pro M435nw MF Printer

This is the department where M435nw will never cease to please. There are two wired connections at the back include the Ethernet and USB connections and a whole gamut of wireless connectivity.

 With Ethernet it connects to a local area network and the printer can be put on the network with a LAN cable connected to an access point. Below it is the direct data connection though a USB cable. Attaching the USB with a computer, it is ready to print after installing the printer drivers from the bundled driver disc.

Apart from wired connections, M435nw is capable of wireless connectivity. After connecting to a wireless network, it appears on all the PCs on the network, like other network devices, on the network page in My Computer. If you are connecting it on a windows PC, the necessary software for printing gets installs directly. The printing options can be controlled using a network utility that opens on a web browser.

HP LaserJet Pro wireless-setup

It also connects to devices directly using Wi-Fi direct. And not only that, you can remotely print documents over the internet. HP M435nw has the provision of downloading apps online when connected to internet enabled network. For example, the e-print app available free download on Android and iOS app stores. After downloading it on the printer the app can sync with the app when on the same network. After detecting and verifying the printer identity, the app stores the network address of the printer. While away you can send a command for print over the internet which the printer will follow if ON and connected to internet via the network.

Printing Speed and Quality

Theoretically, M435nw prints around 30 pages per minute after taking roughly a minute to be ready from its OFF state. A minute for 30 pages includes the time it takes for the data to reach the printer and start the job. We checked this speed using various printing sources supported by M435nw. Printing from USB cable connection and pen drive are the fastest with around 31 pages per minute and with wireless connection, it spitted out no less than 26 pages per minute. All through the test the quality of the print was kept as FastRes 1200, which can be considered mid-way between fine and draft.

Moreover, the source file also defines the quality to a certain extent. The text was crisp and quite fine from the test PDF, which like most, didn’t appear very promising on the screen. The print quality or resolution can be taken up with ProRes 1200, printing documents in highest quality (1200 dpi).

HP LaserJet Pro print settings

While the process of copying on M435nw is a little slower than what you will find on dedicated photocopiers, retains most of the copying options and flexibility of a modern photocopy machine. You will find several presets for printing specific documents like ID cards, reducing/enlarging documents and the best one, putting multiple pages (maximum 4) on a single page.

HP 92A toner black

The EconoMode checkbox ensures lesser toner utilization per print to deliver lower cost per page of printer. It uses the HP 92A toner known for being ultraprecise and capable of churning out 2500 standard pages.

HP LaserJet Pro copy feature

From the copy menu multiple pages can be copied on a single sheet

An A3 size paper can be scaled down to A4 or smaller page sizes by up to 25% and going other way round; can be enlarged up to 400%. But a dedicated tool with a +/- option for enlarging or reducing the document size to custom width is missing.

Scan Quality

It not only produces quality scans, the flexibility in scanning is also an interesting feature. Firstly, there are four places where you can put the scanned file into- a pen drive, a computer on the network, a network folder designated on the network for the same or if you have nothing at the moment, directly to an email account. But for the last option to work, an email account needs to be entered for the ‘FROM’ field and upon using the outgoing SMTP server and port of the network, the setup gets completed. So, it does require a network savvy operator for once.

Secondly, the scan can be optimized according to the file requirements. From the settings, one can select the file type to be either PDF or JPEG.

Next is quality of the scan that can be selected from 75dpi to 600dpi. Low resolution works well for documents keeping them low in size and high resolution for scanning photos/blueprints or documents which require high fidelity.  But of course, the size goes up with resolution. A 600dpi color scan in jpeg format of A4 size document went above 4 MB.


network, be it for printing or scanning documents. To ensure easy setup and printing from any device capable of printing, HP has put in some apps and other features as described below.

HP smart install is an easy install-over-the-network feature. After the printer is put on a network it will be listed in the list of devices in the network section of Microsoft windows. Selecting it will install the printer automatically over the network.

That would be for a quick print. Installing the full software that comes with the printer allows for more effective and efficient use of the printer. Even while taking printouts form a phone or tablet directly becomes an easy task. The e-print app as described above can also be used to give print command from the mobile devices.


Automatic duplexer is an optional accessory to be installed if you want automatic printing on both sides of the pages. Otherwise the manual printing option which folds the page ends to mark the corners while putting the pages; wrecks chaos in manual printing. It’s better to manually do the manual duplex printing, i.e. select the option of odd pages printing and then select the even pages print in the document and put the pages after noting the page printing orientation.

Final Verdict

The needs of an organization define what all capabilities should their printer have for seamless and efficient printing. HP LaserJet Pro MFP M435nw has a wide spectrum of connectivity and printing options which can cater to most of those needs. If its wide range of services can be put to thorough use including the A3 size printing, then it is high value for money for any organization looking for a big, swift all-rounder.


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