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HP Officejet Pro 6830 Review- Reprise of Inkjet awesomeness


Rs. 10989


    • Great print quality
    • Built-in Wi-Fi
    • Automatic Duplexing
    • Low running costs


    • Slow and softly noisy
    • Costly ink

With fully loaded connectivity options, automatic paper handling features and good quality printing, this Jack is suited for variety of environments and not just office.
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  • Specification


Cost efficient multi-function printers are a dire need of every small and medium business environment. But it doesn’t make sense to ask for features only mid-high end printers enjoy. Features like letting the printer do both sides of page so that one can save paper without getting his patience busted; or being able to scan a batch of documents while you sip some tea.

Launched in July this year along with its other hefty made-for-office brethren, HP Officejet Pro 6830 is quite the Jack of all trades. It offers some of the most convenient printing options limited to high-end printers like a color touchscreen for know-how and control, automatic double sided printing or scanning of bunch of documents.

So it would remain as useful in a home as it would in an office, especially at a price of Rs 11, 500. We checkout its print quality, cost effectiveness and plethora of features in this review.

Design and Features

HP Officejet Pro 6830 Design and Features

Since the OfficeJet Pro 6830 has so much to offer in the A4 Inkjet working space, its design carries good amount of novelty. All the machinery put in the lower half (big tub) is covered by scanner assembly that can be lifted to access it. So be it clearing paper jams or change cartridges, the scanner assembly like a bonnet, need to be hinged up.

Atop the scanner bed lies the ADF (automatic document feeder) that also serves as a scanner flap as the ADF tray seems to be the only handle to lift up the flap and keep a document inside for scanning or photocopy. If they are loose sheets, you would obviously be stacking them in ADF that can take 35 sheets.

HP Officejet Pro 6830 Features

Attached to the big tub is a fixed protruding 2.65” color touchscreen, command center of the printer. It has a blue notification light to notify the wireless is ON and working and the best thing about a touch screen is that it’s a double sided sword. You have a bigger screen that shows more information and interactive touch interface.

Most printers of this kind have a vertical tray at the back to stack around 100 pages but Officejet 6830 has it at the front-a pull out tray imitating that of a laser printer. Top of this 250 page drawer tray works as an output bay for print outs. And you don’t even need to pull out the tray. Just lift the top flap and flick a switch, the tray can be filled with A4s. It can take A4, A5, A6, B5(JIS), five types of Index card sizes, 6 types of Envelope sizes and 14 other page sizes on a dozen different types of paper including glossy, matte, photo and thick plain.

HP Officejet Pro 6830 Design with FeaturesPost setup, the printer can be connected to in various ways-directly from mobile phone, from a laptop on the same network as the printer or connected directly via USB or even through HP e-print you can print before you reach the office via Internet.

Another convenient method is to just plug-in a pen drive in the port at front, select the file and print.

Print fidelity

I was pretty confident about the HP Officejet Pro 6830 printing capabilities when it was sitting packed inside the box. And there are two good reasons for it.

First, it’s an inkjet printer, which means its contact printing is capable of delivering sharp text documents and clean images. Second, it uses a 4 ink system which means color mixing happens outside the cartridge. This enables individual color control and ultimately more accurate color matching.

HP Officejet Pro 6830 Print fidelity

It can attain color print quality close to that of photo printers. Off course it wouldn’t be as good as photo printers but it gets dangerously close. And it’s pretty faster too as a full page photo takes much less time-around 2-2½ minutes.


For hardware setup you would need to install the cartridges in the printer and connect it to power. There are four cables bundled with the printer- power, USB, LAN and phone line cable each for power wired computer connection, wired network connection and FAX. Watch the video for initial setup.

HP Officejet Pro 6830 setupThen the printer can be connected to either a wireless network or directly to a device. Once on the network every computer on it can communicate. You would need drivers installed on every computer though.

For setting up the Fax, a guided wizard both on-board the printer and the software based Printer Assistant is a handy tool.

CPP and other running costs

HP Officejet Pro 6830 CPP and other running costs

HP Officejet 6830 uses a four ink system hence you would need to replace four cartridges as and when required. It has a real time ink level indicator so you would know when.

Though we had difficulty finding an online retail selling cartridges for the 6830 and it was out of stock on the HP website, it is available nonetheless in many physical stores. You would get the whole bundle for around Rs 3800 or less. With the same capacity cartridges bundled with the printer, you would be able to print around 1500 pages assuming every cartridge equally used (and that the pages have at most 5% printed area). This brings out the theoretical cost per page of Rs 2.5.

Practically we saw a depletion of around 5% (approx.) upon printing of 2 full color pages. This makes a full page color print costing around Rs 80. With 5% use, a color document will use ink worth Rs 4. This is slightly higher than the theoretical value but economical for a four ink system.

Another cost saving feature is low energy consumption. During printing, the 6830 consumes around 12W of power. With everything running simultaneously (scan, print, fax, wireless, etc) it would consumer a maximum of 25W and 1.35W during sleep (Wi-Fi remains ON so the printer is discoverable and connected to internet for an e-print).

Maintenance and security

There are on-board maintenance options on 6830 that would optimize the printer automatically and detect problems, if any. The second last option in the setup menu on printer LCD lists 5 different maintenance jobs. Same can be accessed from the HP Officejet Pro 6830 Printer Assistant, a utility software that installs with the drivers to manage the printer. It’s rather a one-stop for setup and shop using all the printer scanner and Fax features.

HP Officejet Pro 6830 Maintenance and security

Though inkjet printers need less maintenance and repairing compared to the Laser printer (in short run), we would still recommend covering 6830 with an Extend warranty (3 year) from HP for an extra Rs 3,000 as HP has a great service network for printers and this one’s included with pick and drop facility.

Final Verdict

The HP Officejet Pro 6830 is a very efficient and cost effective printer suitable for home or small and medium businesses/offices. You will not get the speed of a Laserjet but it’s fitted with features no Inkjet printer offers at the price. Apart from a wireless connectivity and automatic page handling mechanisms, it’s fitted with a color touchscreen that greatly enhances the usability of a printer. The four ink system not only makes it slightly faster than other Inkjets but renders much better color prints. The Officejet Pro 6830 is in every way a complete value for money printing champion.