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Intex LED-40FHD10-VM Review


Rs. 23990


    • Affordable
    • Bright Full-HD panel


    • Frail build material
    • Over-processed colours
    • Shoddy black levels

Picture quality and performance apart, the Intex LED-40FHD10-VM loses its price benefit due to an improper selection of its build material
  • Review
  • Specification


In the wake of competition that is spreading across sectors in the electronics domain like a pathogen that, seemingly, finds its origin in the Smartphone domain, home bred companies are taking plunge into the formidable, brand-dominated wold of Big Screen TVs.

Having a repertoire of HD and Full HD TVs ranging from 16 inches to 50 inches in size, Intex is the one of the newest players in the market selling TVs. Though it keeps price as the main attraction, there are competitors in the market like Micromax, VU, Lloyd and Videocon that already have this technique used in all of its shape and size.

We received the Intex LED-40FHD10-VM for review which is selling for Rs 25,728 on Snapdeal. For a 40 inch LED TV with Full HD resolution, price remains the biggest attraction if it falls in this bracket.  If everything turns out well, this seems to be a steal deal. Samsung or LG would shy away from offering even a 32 inch screen at this price. Read on to find out what the Intex LED-40FHD10-VM is all about and if the company has only cut corners to reach this price or damaged the main stage in process.

Design and build

Honestly, since the time TV was sitting inside the box, we were running speculations on the build quality of the TV. If there was a huge price benefit, there must be a humongous compromise on one or many aspects of the design or material used that will be found upon its unboxing. Are there fewer things bundled with the TV than usual?

Fortunately, Intex LED-40FHD10-VM comes is properly packed will all the things you would expect to find with the TV. The items in the box includes the TV remote with manual and a pair of batteries, TV stand with all screws and a wall mount.

So the good news is a wall mount is included in the package. Wall mount accessories are an indispensable part of a TV 40 inch or more in size but I wasn’t hoping to find it with the Intex considering the price. But when we fished the TV out of the box, how we wished not to have wished for all the accessories to be there.

The back of the TV is plastic and without the stand it is lighter than a computer monitor. And it is not because of those advanced high tech light and strong fibre material. Not at all.

The plastic covering the back side of the TV and the one forms the overall frame is of third grade. It will creak, bend under slight pressure and may come off if pulled with strength. Some lengths, especially between two screws is lose to play pull. The hump at the back which housed connections on the inner side and attached with the wall mount on the outer is covered with the same plastic material. If the TV was any heavier, the material might give up.

Until the TV is off, this drawback might not seem to be a major flaw. It is something you don’t expect a 40 inch TV to have, but if the picture quality is good, you don’t not have anything to lose. After all, one doesn’t carry his TV around.

But once the TV is ON at a volume you can hear at a distance you are supposed to watch a 40 inch TV from, you will hear the TV frame groaning, loud and clear. The noise is so much that it renders the internal speakers useless beyond 10 point volume, doesn’t matter if they are stereo speakers (dual speakers) rated at 10W and can produce dramatically accurate sound. They produce sound, and they not alone.

Front of theTV has bezels with glossy, piano black finish. There are control buttons at the side of the TV that are readily accessible and easy to use.

ConnectionsIntex LED 40FHD10 VM Design and build

The connection panel is a small hump residing at the back of the TV. It has two strips where connections can be added, one at its side and other at bottom. The side strip starts with a headphone jack, followed by two USB ports at the top, which have little separation between them. Adding thick bodied pen drives is challenging and at times not possible. But the ports are easy to reach. Below it there are 6 coloured sockets, 3 each for composite (AV) and analog YPbPr input for attaching set-top boxes, DVDs, media players, or gaming consoles.

The farthest end of the bottom strip has two channel audio out (red and white) which can serve as input to a home theatre or 2.1/5.1 audio systems. Following this a video out using which you can actually connect another TV and clone it with the Intex LED-40FHD10-VM. This is quite unusual function we came across.

Midway, there are two HDMI ports that can take Blu-Ray players, an Xbox or PS4, or even a few other disc players or STBs that offer better quality over HDMI. You can also connect a laptop or a PC that has HDMI out, with the Intex LED-40FHD10-VM. And even if it doesn’t, there is the VGA port (with 3.5mm audio in) on the TV to take care of that. So any PC, old or new is compatible with the TV. To the nearest end is the RF in, offering playback from RF antenna cable.

Picture Quality

Intex LED 40FHD10 VM Picture Quality

We found the picture quality of the Intex LED-40FHD10-VM to heavily vary with the source used. The TV supports AV composite connection wherein we plugged an STB with standard and high definition output option. The YPbPr composite works in 576i resolution. Both work in PAL mode at 50Hz.

One of the HDMI connections were hitched to a PS3 and another to a media streaming player. You would need a media player with network capability if you want to integrate home servers or stream from the internet. The Intex LED-40FHD10-VM has no option to either connect to LAN/WiLAN.

With the SD input, picture quality appeared fine but don’t expect an upscaling regime working in the background. Honestly, you would need HD connection for your STB for best results. But still we noticed a little noise creeping in with the HD connection too.

Intex LED-40FHD10-VM has a bright panel and that is its biggest strength. Due to good amount of light, the colours become prominently visible in the Full HD resolution image. Technically its brightness is measured at 300cd/m2, which shall suffice in any brightly lit room.

Otherwise the RGB colour gamut isn’t very impressive. Increasing the brightness, contrast or sharpness beyond 50 percent wouldn’t do any good either as the image would start to fade to loose color precision. The factory settings were suitable for most of inputs and you can’t really tweak into picture quality by playing around with these controls. And at times you feel an urge to do that.

We also didn’t find it suitable for gaming for one, the picture quality with our PS3 didn’t quite render well on the TV. It was the worst shadowed, dark colour dominated image we have seen through from the console that a TV could play. The dark areas were too dark and the bright ones too bright in some frames. Obviously we don’t And secondly, the refresh rate of the TV is merely 50Hz. We played but never tried to win a battle on the sloppy output.

This also brings us to black levels on the TV. This isn’t the best screen to watch horror movies on or play games like Batman or Castlevania, if you could play any. Obviously we didn’t expect it to be as good as the local area diming technology but compared to a respectable IPS panel its black levels were neither very good not uniform across inputs.

Subsequently, Full HD playback from the TVs processing engine itself turned out to be quite good. Plugging in a 1TB hard drive full of movies, we saw the Intex LED-40FHD10-VM could play a wide variety of formats including MKV, MP4 and AVI. And the transition from one file to another also appeared seamless.

Final Verdict

In 25k price bracket things get really intense for a 40 inch TV to be. The Intex LED-40FHD10-VM neither has a solid build nor an impressive picture quality to keep its new business steady. Its competitors like VU, Micromax, Lloyd and Heir offer some great options in the same price bracket. Another indispensable investment you will have to make with the TV is that of a speaker system, which increases the price of the overall package. As it loses its cost advantage, Intex LED-40FHD10-VM becomes an option that we wouldn’t recommend you to try out.


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