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LG LB750T 47inch Smart TV Review-Picture Speak Louder


Rs. 103900


    • Great picture quality
    • Colorful, intuitive interface
    • Gaming and Passive 3D work surprisingly well
    • Decent sound output


    • Needs a faster processor
    • No built-in camera

47LB750T has a soft yet vibrant color portfolio and great many smart features woven into its upgraded webOS; that is fun and easy to use.
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  • Specification


Smart TVs haven’t evolved much in the last few years, unlike Smartphones. But with every next generation, they get much easier to use and connect, with peripherals or other devices.

LG topped the list, both in smart as well as normal TV categories in our Best TVs under 40k list. There were several points of consideration and LG seemed to have got everything together and working after its previous lineup of smart TVs with not-so-good interfaces. Had it not been the case, Sony’s W series TVs and Samsung smart TVs would have easily displaced them to a lower rank. Not that they are any less, it was just about a thin line difference.

But that was under 40k. The LB750T comes at a price tag of more than 1Lac, which could change some things. Compared to LG’s Full HD OLED TVs LB750T not only offers good value for money, but better noise handling on SD and HD content. Let’s take a closer look at the comprehensive package.


Unlike the 42 inch LB5820, the LB750T has no physical bezels around the screen. All you see is the screen- big and bold shining up front. LG calls it ‘cinema screen’ design but most companies launching big screen beasts in this price range like to keep the hard bezels away, though it won’t feel very immersive unless you sit just a couple of feet away from the screen.

LG LB750T 47inch

The side edges are line with chrome finished metal strip that forms a part of a metal frame that extends below the screen in a perforated grille. A joystick resides at the bottom, under the screen in case you are deserted by your remote control, left to struggle.

If you plan to keep it on a flat surface, the TV would be supported by a continuous metal solid metal frame (joined from 3pcs). Only a diverging ring appears at the bottom of the TV that gives it a hovering effect. Combined, it weighs just 13.7kg which is surprisingly light for a 47 inch TV. Hanging on the wall is an option, though the mount isn’t included in the package.

All connection ports lie on the back side, and so do the speakers.

Improved Controller and OS


There are shortcomings to every product but when we talk about brands like LG, we find a certain knack for getting everything right and up to mark. LG has a strong repertoire of technological innovation up its sleeve, OLED being one example. But there have been certain things LG needed to take seriously, things that have a huge impact on adoption of its new technology-like a smarter OS or not so complicated ‘smart remote’.
Turns out LG did take it seriously and what we see is an improved interface, called the webOS.

With the help of colorful animations and childishly intriguing design, the webOS looks like a complete overhaul compared to the previous interface. A home button brings out elongated tabs stacked next to each other at the bottom of the screen. When hovered over to, these tabs or cards you may call them, bring up their respective screens in full for a preview. Clicking (pressing the scroll wheel) opens the app.

Recently accessed connections or apps are intelligently put on the left side of the line of ‘cards’ so switching between, say watching Blu-ray to STB is just one click affair.

But there were times occasionally when it took longer than usual to switch between connections or accessing apps/LG store.

LG LB750T 47inch Smart TV

The settings menu appears inside a small circle on the top right; small enough to require ninja-like accuracy to place the pointer and press down the scroll button, all with minimum shake. I can’t seem to fathom why there wasn’t a ‘card’ for that?

Scroll wheel is the main attraction on the smart remote that also has built-in Mic to ease you up on typing on web search. It’s called the Magic remote and LB750T ships with a slightly upgraded version of it. The remote would fit in your hands as ergonomically as a bike handle; its controls now make more sense to its interface. The keys are laid out spaciously and engraved lavishly with expressive symbols; the power button lights up to acknowledge every key press.

It’s a universal remote that can control a set-top box, home theater or DVD players connected to the TV. As soon as it gets moving, the remote projects a cursor on the screen (line of sight or not) that lets you select stuff with a click of the scroll button.

LG LB750T SmartTV

Though you can access all TV controls through the smart remote, not having dedicated buttons for tasks like toggling picture mode, TV audio out, source, etc. makes it quite cumbersome to use. Samsung’s interface races ahead here and in many other areas like app organization or split screen support. Its controller has a touch based screen pointer (it will remain on screen as long as you keep your thumb on the D-pad center button on remote) which is less irritating than magic remote’s time base pointer (takes 3 seconds of inactivity to vanish, shake to reappear).

Connections, Recording and Storage

All the connections on LB750T are on the back side of the TV.

The modern, frequently used ones like the HDMI and USB ports are on a side strip and are easier to access, while the traditional ones and all others like LAN and optical audio placed across an area of back surface, parallel to the screen plane.

LG LB750T SmartTV Ports

There are composite and RF Ins, audio outs (optical and headphone) and LAN port. There are 3 HDMI ports:

  • ARC (when A/V connections are routed through sound bar)
  • MHL (connecting smartphones, TV box)
  • General purpose

Three USB ports (2.0) support playback of movies, music and photos from pen drives and external hard drives of up to 2TB. These can also be used for recording (and playback) of live TV even if the screen is playing a movie from HDMI connected Blu-ray player. Though it can be recorded on TV’s onboard storage, it’s just 3.7GB enough for small clips.

Invisible connections include Wi-Fi for internet and storage access; Wi-Di, Miracast and NFC Tag on for throwing mobile screen on to the TV and Wireless direct for a sharing content directly.

Picture quality

Though the LG LB750T is bestowed with improved version of useful things, its picture quality remains its biggest strength. Its color reproduction is fine-tuned for sharper images while keeping the overall picture softer and easy on eyes. As discussed far below, gaming was a sheer delight due to this property of natural color reproduction.

LG LB750 Display

The TV uses Triple XD picture engine to create awe-inspiring Full HD imagery. Black levels are great, and we really didn’t miss local dimming as long as the source was in High Definition.

LB750T has a Resolution upscalar on board that works quite well. We used SD input to test this from a normal STB cable connection. Though it was not as good as how an HD input would look, we couldn’t really complain while viewing from a proper distance, clarity was good. Generally LED TVs are not very friendly with SD signal. The TV also deploys Active Noise Reduction to keep them frames low on visible grains.


If you live by the motto “big screen, big sound” then a home theater system is the next or rather a simultaneous buy (you might get a deal). But let me inform, matter-of-factly, the LB750T manages really decent sound, be it for daily soaps, infotainment, or HDMI input,

Proper home theater setup is recommended though, to complement 750’s picture quality. We also found this LG sound bar a great option if you want to stay away from the clutter of 5.1s.

Gaming perks

LG LB750 Gaming

Very few TVs are peaceful shelters for gaming. But you will not be disappointed by LB750T in that it can double up as a serious gaming display. It has some decent gaming hardware.

We hooked it to the PS3 for games like Sniper Elite, Crysis 3, Beyond: Two Souls and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. These games can’t be played as they are meant to be unless you use a good gaming monitor. ME:SOM rather leaves some gaming monitor gasping for breath. LB750T handled it perfectly well. Not to mention the life-like experience of big screen, that yells out every detail. In what we call a rare occasion, our in-house gamer Laique was left replaying these and many other old games, like 25th time.

3D Glasses

The TV also features Dual play to project two different images, viewed separately using 2 different polarized glasses. This simply means that in a two-player game (instead of splitting the screen area for simultaneous viewing) the TV gives all the screen space to both the frames, individually visible from behind the Dual play glasses.

3D Fidelity

LG LB750T uses passive 3D technology and this aspect of LG TVs distinguishes them from most other brands like Samsung that have incessantly adopted the active 3D technology. You may already know but the simplest distinction between the two is that active 3D technology requires glasses to be powered by a battery while passive doesn’t. Both have their own shortcomings but passive is generally preferred on TVs with good amount of resolution as the images look brighter and the 3D glasses are more comfortable.

But passive 3D requires you to maintain good distance from TV for clear viewing. We had to be at least 8-10ft away to get best results. Even if you stay away from 3D movies, you will probably be able to watch one on LB750T till the last scene.

Final Verdict

The LG LB750T is a great comprehensive package that is slightly expensive than its competition, but completely worth its asking price. The product stands up confidently to its spec sheet and offers a great many features on connectivity, interface, remote control and live recording front. Like always, it has a great display quality to offer but its webOS interface makes its smart-part much less antagonizing. Overall it has the right mix of elegance, performance, audio, utility features and show offs.


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