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Logitech M221 Silent Mouse Review- Say bye to click-click


Rs. 1,065


    • Very silent
    • Small and light
    • Tactile feedback
    • Fun to use


    • Average controls

Logitech M221 silent wireless mouse has a decent plastic built with simple form factor, but what impresses the most is how quiet it is event after using it for a long period of time.
  • Review


Logitech launched its silent mouse series in India in the month of October. The category includes M221 and M331 mice which are priced over Rs.1000 and offer a simple form factor with the quietest mouse functioning design ever.

Logitech M221

I was using the M221 for the purpose of review, but instantly realized how used to we have turned into, to the click-click sound of all the uncreative mice we’ve been using so far. The moment I plugged the M221 and it started functioning, I actually gazed the buttons whether there was something wrong with the product or it was because of the design, that Logitech is pointing out at. There was absolutely no noise, super silent. Which also means zero noise pollution. Companies like Logitech are working to make our lives easier and tech friendly leaving us mesmerised, sometimes with this genus of simple yet creative innovations. I clicked, and clicked, and clicked and then glanced at the mouse. Where was it hiding all the sound? Even if I could feel the responsiveness of the button, there was no sound.

Logitech M221 Silent Mouse Review

Who would have thought Logitech could actually come up with something we use habitually, yet unnoticeable by most of us. I feel sorry for all the other brands that didn’t realized the opportunity earlier and now, will have to copy Logitech. Apart from just manufacturing a modish mouse, they could have actually made it super silent as well. Well the trendsetter Logitech, always impresses us, no doubt about that. The company states that its latest silent mouse series produces up-to 90% less noise compared to the crickety noise of conventional mice.

This is first silent mice series from Logitech and in future we expect the company to manufacture most of its mice as super silent only, including the gaming ones. Apart from Noise, Logitech has also focused on design, usability, features and portability, which makes it unique compared to any other product of the same category. The company also mentions that the feet of the mouse are made from high performance rubber.

Logitech M221 Silent Mouse battery life

As far as the connectivity is concerned, the M221 Mice and the big brother M331 could work up-to 33-feet of distance with Windows, Mac, Chrome OS or Linux –based PCs. And has a battery life of 18 months for M221 and 24 months battery life on the M331 Variant.

The design of the Logitech M221 makes it comfortable to use and doesn’t feel too big or small compared to any other mice. It works on a Single AA battery with Nano receiver that works as plug and play. So, you don’t need to download any additional software for using the mouse. Also, the company’s Advanced Optical Tracking Technology offers a resolution of 1000 dpi and works practically on any surface. So, just plug it in and give it a couple of seconds to set-up for first time and there you go.

Talking about the functioning of the new Logitech M221, it’s easy to use, very light, doesn’t require a specific surface to work on and also the buttons are definitely super silent.

The price seems to be a little steep at Rs. 1095, but if you really love testing out new technology and want something new, something that not everybody has, than this is for you.

Final Verdict

Logitech M221 Silent mouse is an innovative product from Logitech. We all use PC at some point, but do not realize that a brand could even think on designing and considering such a tiny, however effective innovation. I loved the product; the design is beautiful and fits securely in the palm. Connectivity is also good and you can easily use it on any surface such as Table, Jeans, Clothes, and Notebook. Again, the price could feel a little steep, but for a lover of innovation or someone, who loves trying new products or even admires innovation, would love it, for sure.

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