Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro Review -The 5000mAh Beast


Rs. 32,490


• Big bright Super Amoled screen
• Glitch free performance
• Separate Sim and Memory card slots
• Humongous battery size
• Gorgeous video playback


• Difficult to carry
• Heavy

The Galaxy A9 Pro is a 6-inch smartphone that runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and offers easily around two days of battery backup with its huge 5000mAh battery.
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Samsung announced its mid segment smartphone recently, the Galaxy A9 Pro, a 6-inch device with a massive battery capacity of 5000mAh. It runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Samsung Touchwiz User interface on top with fewer bloatware. The Device is powered by an Octa-core processor with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage.

Let’s check out how the new 6-inch screen smartphone performs overall.


Samsung Galaxy A9 pro Design

The Samsung Galaxy A9 pro features a 6-inch full HD Super Amoled display with a pixel density of 337~ppi. It has a Corning gorilla glass 4 on front and rear that makes it look premium and protects it. Both the front and back of the smartphone are shiny glass that adds to the beauty of 6-inch beast. It has a wide metal frame along the sides that make the body feel robust.

Samsung Galaxy A9 pro smartphone

The first time I saw the new Galaxy A9 pro, only thought that appeared to my mind was of carrying it. It’s huge. The device feels like a slab with a big black screen and surely you don’t need anything else in case you need to hit someone really bad. The weight of the smartphone sits at 210grams which is comparatively heavier to any other smartphone of this price category.

The new Samsung Galaxy A9 pro even with a serious weight looks first-class. It has a curved glass on front and back with narrow bezel screen that makes its design delightful. After using the device for a few weeks you’ll easily fall in love with it.

Samsung Galaxy A9 pro Button placement

Button placement is also ergonomically fit as now we’ve known that we need both of our hands for any 6-inch smartphone. Volume rocker and phone power lock/unlock keys are placed on the left and right side of the smartphone respectively.

Samsung Galaxy A9 pro Bottom phone pic

Samsung has provided a single speaker grill on bottom that might look tiny but produces an excellent sound with a decent output level. Next to the speaker grill there’s a micro USB port for charging and Samsung hasn’t used the new USB type-C port, which is a better choice for Indian market for now. A 3.5mm jack is placed on the top for headphone.

Samsung Galaxy A9 pro Bottom phone

Sim tray is on the right side and the device has a regular type sim capability.

Samsung Galaxy A9 pro Micro sd tray


The new Samsung Galaxy A9 pro is powered by the latest 1.8GHz Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor that handles multitasking very efficiently. I opened nearly 40 applications in background but the performance was still lag free. Each and every application played seamless without any further loading time.

Playing games, watching videos online/offline and working on internet at the same time, the phone gets everything done like a charm. I didn’t find any issue regarding performance. Asphalt 8, Modern combat 5, Nova 3 and Mortal combat runs smooth even after a number of apps running in background.

Video playback is charming, Blacks are infinitely dark with its beautiful Amoled display and the colors are very vibrant that gives you a phenomenal experience.

Reading books is delightful on new Galaxy A9 pro as the words look dark and crispy.

Browsing is seamless on both browser and YouTube. Videos and words flow smoothly without any extra loading time. You can enjoy movies, videos and games for a very long duration of time on its beautiful Super Amoled screen that never disappoints.

Split screen feature is also available on Galaxy A9 pro. So you can also split the screen into two parts for using two applications at a particular time like Facebook and Whatsapp side by side.

The Wi-Fi of new Galaxy A9 Pro works fast and connects quickly with good signal strength. Along with Wi-Fi Samsung has also given NFC, Bluetooth and USB OTG for connectivity.

Camera Performance

Samsung Galaxy A9 pro Rear camera

The Galaxy A9 pro Features a 13MP rear camera that captures decent quality pictures but not the best quality videos under this price range. It captures videos smoothly but the videos have noise in them. One plus 3 captures comparatively better quality videos.Samsung Galaxy A9 pro camera sampleSamsung Galaxy A9 pro camera focus

However, the photos captured by the rear camera are of decent quality as you can see in the sample images below. I liked the color accuracy in pictures. The Galaxy A9 pro captures color precisely both with rear and front camera which is impressive.

Samsung Galaxy A9 pro camera sample

You can check my video on Youtube captured by the latest Samsung galaxy A9 Pro (Samsung Galaxy A9 pro video test).

The new Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro features an 8MP front camera that captures decent quality images. Color vibrancy in pictures captured by the front camera is fine. Detailing is also good.


The new Samsung Galaxy A9 pro packs a huge 5000 mAh battery that easily gives more than a day of battery backup. Ever after the end of one day you still have nearly 40-45% charge available on your smartphone for the next day. The phone consumes around 2-3% of battery when left untouched during night time with all the applications closed and Wi-Fi connection turned off.

Samsung has packed a 2 amp charger inside the box that can charge the new Galaxy A9 pro in a very average time considering its battery capacity. The wire Quality is tough and decent.

Final Verdict

In a regular usage the Galaxy A9 pro never disappoints you. Whether it’s multitasking, video playback or gaming, the new Galaxy smartphone handles everything like a Pro. The 6-inch display is bright even in sunlight and produces lively colors. The big battery size of the new Samsung Galaxy A9 pro is wonderful and easily lasts more than a day in a single charge. Camera performance in capturing photographs is decent but video recording could have been better. Good quality images can be produced in both daylight and night time. Button placement is perfect. The weight of the new Galaxy A9 pro definitely bothers you sometimes as you use it lying on bed but you might start ignoring it as the design of the smartphone looks premium and feels robust. You might also have to give some rest to your fingers in between while using the new Galaxy A9 pro smartphone.

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