Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Review


Rs. 36,900


• Balanced and colorful display
• Slim and light form factor
• Great cameras quality
• Fast and accurate fingerprint sensor
• Fluid and fast performance
• Long lasting battery life
• Dual Sim with separate SD card Slot
• Multi Window, floating apps and always on display


• Unnecessarily heats up
• No 4K video recording
• Does not runs on the latest Android 7.0 Nougat
• Overpriced
• 1080p at 30fps only
• No OIS for video recording
• Slow fingerprint scanner

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro performed really well in our testing period. Whether we talk of gaming performance, camera quality or battery life, the smartphone excels in every area.
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The latest from Samsung is a 6-inch smartphone priced at Rs.36,900. Hands down to Samsung for its latest offering. The Samsung Galaxy C9 pro features a full metal unibody design and weighs under 190grams. Its 6.9mm thick and feels solid in hand. There is a 6-inch Full HD AMOLED display that offers a pixel density of 368ppi. The AMOLED display is big, bright and lively even in direct sunlight. Well, let’s jump into the complete review now.

Look and Feel

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

I’ll have to say that Samsung has done a really great job this time. The company has hit really hard with its Galaxy C9 Pro. The smartphone may look like most of the other smartphones available in market, but it’s slightly different. Even if the device is heavy, it’s super sleek. It doesn’t feel like holding a 6-inch smartphone in just one hand. Ergonomics are great that make it using the smartphone with single hand easier.

There is a USB type C port placed at bottom, a physical home button with embedded fingerprint sensor placed at the front, one rear camera and one selfie camera. The antennas are placed at the rear side of the smartphone both on top and bottom. No doubt it looks classy, no doubt other products in the same price also look classy, so why should you buy Galaxy C9 pro instead of others is my only question?

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro 5.5-inch display

So far, I used to feel like 5.5-inch display size is huge and you can’t use a smartphone of that screen size with single hand. Now Samsung has shifted my way of thinking to the other way round and it feels like using a 6.00-inch smartphone with one hand is fairly easy. Although, not all the corners of the smartphone are easily accessible, but you can get most of the tasks done without breaking a sweat.

The bottom placement of speaker is good and sounds great in most of the surfaces. However, the company should have integrated a louder speaker, you can hardly be hear it while driving.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro port

Without a doubt using a 6-inch smartphone has become easier but there are some cons to such a big display. Or I would Samsung has not taken care of it really well. Many a times when you use the smartphone with a single hand, the palm of your hand accidentally touch the corners. And when your palm is in contact with the screen, the remaining area on the screen does not function at all.

Camera placement is first-class and does not bother at all. Volume controls are placed on the left area of the samsung Galaxy C9 pro and are also easily accessible. Lastly, there is a secondary microphone placed at the top of the device.

I used the Galaxy C9 Pro for a couple of weeks before finalising my review. The most impressive part in the form factor of C9 Pro is the way it handles scratches on both front and rear panel. The 6-inch curved glass placed at the front of the smartphone does not receive scratches at all. Even after using it for such a long period of time I didn’t find any noticeable scratches, which is great compared to most of the other smartphones. Not only is the display, the rear panel is equally dead set against the scratches. And these two points in the form factor makes it a great choice.

Performance and User Experience

The Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro is powered by a 1.44GHz Octa core Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 SoC couple with 6GB of RAM. Specifications of the smartphone do look very promising and in our testing period it performed really well. Downloading a bunch of high-end games and then playing then was as easy as pie. Everything was super silky and the smartphone handled everything pretty well.

While playing some of the high end games I realized that handling the frame rate was as easy as pie for Galaxy C9 Pro. And yes it’s all about user experience ultimately and not about specifications and what all the device packs.  Galaxy C9 pro did a great job in gaming.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro menu

Even if there’s some bloatware packed with smartphone, it feels like the bloatware does not affects the performance of the smartphone at all. Enough of the RAM and Storage is left for you to download as many games as you like. And because the samsung Galaxy C9 Pro features a micro SD card separately of the SIM card slot, you can install a micro SD for additional storage.

The AMOLED screen amplifies your video playback experience. It doesn’t feel as great as the display of Zenfone 3 Ultra, also not that much smooth. However, like any other smartphone videos are sharp and are filled with tons of colors to give you a punch of colors while watching movies. Although the Galaxy C9 Pro performed really well under all the circumstances, the user experience is still a mix bag for me.

Gaming, Music playback, videos and app experience is great. Except the device heats up unnecessarily while it’s kept inside the pocket. Yes, it heats up. Unlike other Samsung smartphones the heating issue is not a major one, still it bothers you. You might end up keeping the device out of your pocket as much as possible.

The speaker output of the samsung Galaxy C9 Pro is refined and premium. Audio is clear and bass levels are also great. But it should’ve been louder.

Most of the gaming is handled well by the device, but the high-end games make it heat up a little in regular conditions.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro cpu heating

I would strongly suggest not using the smartphone while charging. And if possible, do not download anything while the device is plugged to a power source. You could easily worry by the way it becomes a frying pan during charging.

Recommendations to Samsung

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro media

 There is a minute software flaw that every time when you’re on home screen and you try to turn the device silent or in general mode by using the volume rockers it just doesn’t performed as expected. Every time I tried turning the device to Silent or General mode in the homescreen, it adjusts the media volume.

The light sensor does not respond the way it should. We expect a light sensor to be quick, so that the viewing does not get disturbed. But, the C9 Pro’s Ambient light sensor is not quick at all. And I have to fiddle with the brightness tool myself most of the times.

When you’re making a call and the network didn’t connect, it takes longer than usual to come back. I waited for nearly 3 seconds before making another call, which is annoying.

These are some matters that Samsung could put right easily in a software update.

Camera Performance

Just like the overall user experience, camera performance is also a mixed bag for me. The rear camera captures sharp images in well lit conditions. Images captured by the rear camera have great details and the colors are also good. Although most of the colors look accurate, you might find that the dark blue color a little inaccurate in most of the conditions. Other colors look fine in well lit conditions.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro camera sample

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro camera sample

There is no optical image stabilization(OIS) packed inside the camera  due to which every video shakes like hell unless you have a tripod placed under it.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro camera sample

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro camera sample

I guess Samsung should have used a laser autofocus system in the samsung Galaxy C9 pro. Because the one packed inside it is as slow as the ambient light sensor itself. Sometimes it takes upto a couple of seconds to focus, you can only wait it or otherwise you can select the area manually.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro camera sample

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro camera sample

I was expecting a better “pro video mode” on the Galaxy C9 Pro. And I also missed the slow motion feature on the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro camera sample

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro camera sample

The selfie camera is great and captures one of the best photographs of all time. The photos captured by the front camera looks like the one captured on a digital camera with particular focus.

Great Battery Life

Samsung has finally taken a leap in battery life. The Galaxy C9 Pro packs a 4000mAh battery which easily delivers a battery life of more than a day. In our tests, we used the device for watching YouTube videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and a lot of browsing. The smartphone didn’t worry us at all in all the situations. Even when I used the device for gaming, the C9 pro lasted close to a day which is also good.

Fast charging on the samsung Galaxy C9 Pro works decent.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro battery

There is a super battery saving mode which does impress the most when we talk of battery performance. After turning the super battery mode on you could increase the battery life way too much. The battery consumption reduced to as low as 4% for nearly 7hours. Also, you can select the various battery saving options on the samsung Galaxy C9 Pro.

Final Verdict

This is the first time when writing the final verdict feels knotty. There are some pros and cons in every smartphone. It all comes down to whether the cons lead the user experience or the pros. The performance of C9 Pro is undoubtedly great. Camera performance is also great. The smartphone looks premium and packs a vivid display which is easily visible in direct sunlight. However, there are some minute issues which do affect the overall user experience too much, heating for example. Indeed the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro is a great device, but there are other devices available in market which will be a bang for your buck.

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