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Sony MDR XB550AP Headphones Review- Great value for money


Rs. 3,290


    • Great form factor
    • Comfortable fitting
    • Lightweight
    • Non-tangling wire
    • Audio quality is good


    • Not so great microphone
    • Audio output greatly varies from device to device

Sony MDR XB550AP is a pair of extra bass headphones that are available in as many as five color variants. That bass punch which you expect from a XB series headphone is all there however may vary on every device that you use.
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Most of you may already be aware of Sony’s Xtra bass series of headphones. For those who don’t, well, it’s a series of earphones and headphones that are dedicatedly made for bass lovers. For all those who love that extra punch, that extra thump of EDMs or some extra bass in their ears, these headphones are made for you guys. And the fact that they are made for bass lovers, the headphones deliver the kind of quality that you expect from them.

With that being said, let me introduce to you the latest Sony MDR XB550AP. The headphones were launched in India in the month of April along with a whole lineup of other headphones and Bluetooth speakers. The biggest highlights of the MDR XB550AP were its 30mm driver units with a frequency range of 5-22,000Hz. A metal headband with specially designed ear-cup sit perfectly on your head, however let’s just start with the design first then shifting to sound output after which we’ll tell you whether you should buy the headphones or not (which you already knew from the rating).


Well, the whole XB series follows a similar looking form factor, while the design is not dire; it also not differentiates the one from the other. And you may have to check the model number each time to distinguish amongst. Luckily the model number is printed on the headband.

Sony MDR XB550AP headphone 181grams

The best part which we think about the MDR XB550AP is its design. The headphones may look heavy from their first impression, however are as light as any flagship smartphone and weigh just nearly 181grams.  These are easy to carry inside the bag pack as well as around the neck.

Sony MDR XB550AP headphone looks good

The not so unique circular shape of the headphones looks good and is made up of premium quality material. The padding inside the earcups feels super comfortable and is very soft.

Sony MDR XB550AP headphone long sleek

The Sony MDR XB550AP has a gold plated angled jack with a long sleek wire attached to it. The Jack is rigid and may handle most of those accidental stretches or twists. Wire is flexible, however stiff and may not bother you in near future.

Sony MDR XB550AP headphone looks premium and stylish

The metal finishing on the MDR XB550AP looks premium and stylish. It also gives that exceptional stretching capabilities to them which otherwise won’t have possible. There is an in-line control with a microphone attached inside it for taking phone calls. The microphone comes exactly at the place where you expect it to receive the best audio.


  • On-ear Headband design
  • No Bluetooth or NFC connectivity
  • Extra Bass
  • In-line Microphone
  • Weigh approx. 180grams
  • 30mm Dome type sound drivers
  • 5Hz-22,000Hz frequency response
  • 1.2m cable length
  • Metal Headband with soft cushion

Sound Quality

Just as you may expect, the MDR XB550AP continue the legacy like any other Xtra bass series headphone. The headphones pack punchy bass, sound is clear and the audio output is loud enough for giving you a greater EDM experience. I loved the audio output, the thump of bass and the treble was also very decent.

I’m an EDM lover, and every time I receive something like this, I try to test the calibre of the headphones to its max. I started testing the headphones on a Sony smartphone, after which I used various other smartphones as well. However, surprisingly the MDR XB550AP delivered the best audio output on my laptop and a Vivo smartphone while on the others it wasn’t punchy enough. And because the headphones are not wireless, you don’t have any other choice left to use them other than the wired connection.

Sony MDR XB550AP headphone treble and clear audios

Aron Chupa’s Albatross has a very punchy bass in it along with some treble and clear audios. The MDR XB550AP managed all of it surprisingly well. “Kalki-Varanasi” on the other hand has a very progressive bass which varies in intensity time to time. There is a successive music which continuously plays in the background along with some tiny beats. All of it played really well. The audio was not only loud, it was clear and every beat was at its best.

For testing the depth of bass, I played “Mistikan & Paryente”. The sound felt unidirectional, but the bass level was extraordinarily deep. Everything was still sharp even at heavy output.

MDR XB550AP headphones

The Sony MDR XB550AP may impress the most when played with lot of trance, like the one in “Bangarang feat. Sirah”, and the headphones take care of every beat without breaking a sweat.

We also tested the MDR XB550AP with movies, however due to the varying output levels from device to device we couldn’t get the level of output we were expecting from them. And that is the only problem which we think may bother you if you only use the headphones for listening music purpose only.

If you’re looking for a headphone that along with Xtra bass could handle your marathon gaming sessions, this is the product made for you. The MDR XB550AP headphones are light and super comfortable which never bother during a gaming session of more than 6-7hours.

Apart from varying audio output, the only aspect that troubled us a little was the in-line microphone. You must need to use your hand to hold the microphone near your lips for clear audio transmission. Otherwise, your voice will be filled with a lot of ambient noise which will ultimately ruin the overall calling experience.

Final Verdict

The Sony MDR XB550AP is a pair of Xtra bass headphones, and the headphones continue the legacy exceptionally well. There is a lot of punchy bass in there for you to enhance your overall EDM or trance experience. The headphones can also be used for marathon gaming sessions due to their lightweight comfortable design. The wire is thin and tangle free, the audio jack is robust and may never bother you. However, the only point you may consider before buying is the level of output when plugged with your personal gadget. Lastly, the microphone is not the best on the MDR XB550AP and you may require holding the mic near your mouth for loud audio transmission.

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