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Sony Xperia XZ flagship smartphone-Review


Rs. 49,298


    • Robust Build and beautiful design
    • Bright display even in direct sunlight
    • Precise color reproduction
    • Speedy Touch sensor
    • Quick charge
    • Superb camera


    • Heats too much
    • Stops functioning after heating too much
    • It restarts every time you insert or remove Sim card
    • Lags sometimes(could be unit specific)

The Sony Xperia XZ is the latest Sony flagship smartphone that features the latest snapdragon 820 processor and an excellent 23MP camera.
  • Review

Sony Xperia XZ flagship Back bodyIt’s been a long time since the last launch of any flagship smartphone by Sony. The last flagship series by Sony that hit the market was launched last year and was a big hit. But since then there has been no big innovation by Sony in High-end smartphone segment. All the smartphone manufacturers are introducing their latest smartphones lately but Sony is quiet.

Diehard Sony fans and we were also waiting for a Sony smartphone since a long time and the wait is finally over.

Sony is back with a flagship smartphone in Indian markets, the Xperia XZ. A different design construction this time compared to the last “Z” series smartphones by Sony.

The Xperia XZ is a 23MP camera smartphone powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. The display of the smartphones is a 5.2-inch curved Triluminous screen that delivers lively colors with infinite darks.

Let’s check out how the 23MP camera captures photos and videos and how is the overall performance of Xperia XZ smartphone.


Sony Xperia XZ flagship side front

For simplicity lovers the design could be an attractive characteristic of the latest Xperia XZ smartphone. The smartphone has a unibody construction with a curved display on top whereas the backside is finished with metal. The Xperia XZ has a very simple design with no shine or glimmering finishing on any of its sides. The body construction of the new Xperia XZ is tough and feels strong in hands as you hold it. The edges are sharp and the body is robust. The device does not feel slippery at all in hands. However, the rear side of the smartphone is touch magnetic and receives fingerprint marks quickly (in Forest blue unit).

Sony Xperia XZ flagship side back

On front there’s a Sony logo on top of the screen with a 13MP front facing camera along with speaker grill, NFC logo, sensors and LED notification light. The power lock/unlock key is on the right side of the smartphone and has a fingerprint sensor underneath it that unlocks the device in lightning fast speed.

Sony Xperia XZ flagship sides collage

The device is equipped with two speaker grills, one on top and the other on bottom of the display.


When it comes to performance, we expect a lot from any flagship device and the device should perform accordingly.

I tested the latest Sony flagship Xperia XZ on various platforms like gaming, movie playback, internet browsing and camera quality and this is what I find.

The display of the new Sony Xperia XZ is vibrant. Colors are precise and razor-sharp, the triluminous display doesn’t disappoint at all.

Movie playback, music performance and camera quality impresses a lot but the gameplay performance often disappoints. I tested the device on latest high-end games available on Playstore and performed a battery consumption test to check the battery consumed by the latest Xperia Device.

You can check my gameplay video test of Xperia XZ :

The new Xperia XZ smartphone initially runs the high-end games effortlessly but as we play these games for nearly 20 minutes, it starts heating up. The heating causes the device to lag, overheat and functioning inappropriately.

The Sony Xperia XZ showed a lag while playing Dungeon hunter and Asphalt 8 in full settings. The heating and lagging issues could be unit specific as I read the feedbacks from consumers on Amazon and they didn’t faced any kind of such issues.

Reading and browsing is crisp and seamless. The text is dark and has precise details.

But if a customer is spending 50K, he wants an unfailing product. One cannot even imagine of facing such minute issues like lagging and overheating in any 50K smartphone.

Camera Performance

Sony Xperia XZ flagship camera 1

The camera quality of Sony Xperia XZ smartphone is incredible. The camera performs like charm even in low light situations.

When you’re capturing photos in auto mode and you select an object to focus. The Xperia XZ makes a quick and sharp selection of the area chosen and when you press the shutter button it captures the photographs quickly with fantastic color accuracy.

Sony Xperia XZ flagship camera sample 4

The Manuel mode in camera interface of the new Xperia XZ is incredible. I tested the camera in both fully lit and low light conditions but it never disappoints.

In fully lit areas the camera captures exact colors and shoots pictures really quick. You don’t have to bother about the color quality as the colors are way accurate than any smartphone camera.

Sony Xperia XZ flagship camera sample 2

During night time or in low light conditions the camera still generates good quality photographs. There’s no flash on the front side of Xperia XZ, so what it does for illuminating the face is, it brightens the display completely white at the same time as capturing selfies.

Sony Xperia XZ flagship camera sample 3

Both the cameras of the Xperia XZ smartphone did a fantastic job in photographs in daylight and low light conditions as you can see in the sample photographs. The color accuracy in photos captured by the rear camera is excellent. The front shooter captures some of the best selfies even in variable light conditions.

The Sony Xperia XZ captures videos in Full HD and 4K resolution. Video capturing from the rear camera is smooth and lively. Video quality is superb from the rear camera. But when it comes to front camera, the camera over saturates the videos a little whereas keeping the details intact. 

Sony Xperia XZ flagship low light

There are a limited number of camera features in Sony Xperia XZ compared to Honor8 which have tons of features including light painting and star track. (If you’re looking for a camera phone Honor 8 could be one of the best choices available out there)

Sony Xperia XZ flagship camera sample 5

Battery performance

The battery consumption seems to be a concern in Xperia XZ. While capturing videos in 4K, Full HD and playing High-end games for nearly 15-20 minutes one could easily drain the battery nearly 9%. You might need the charger twice in a day if you’re a high-end user that enjoys a lot of games and shoots photos/videos frequently. The device also heats up while playing high end games such as Asphalt 8 and Modern Combat 5. It heats up so much that you would not want to keep it inside your pocket right after playing some games nearly for 20 minutes.(Heating problem could be unit specific)

Final Verdict

As the price rises, expectations also lift up and why wouldn’t they? It’s natural. After all a person is investing his money into something which he expects to be reliable and long lasting. But at times the product could upset you a little and you might feel like your money being misused, and we don’t want this to happen to you. The overall experience of the Sony Xperia XZ was not very impressive compared to any flagship smartphone of this price range. The device has numerous flaws which Sony needs to focus on. It’s a 50K device, it belongs to the segment of iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones, and it better be first-class to compete against them. The Xperia XZ has flaws as I’ve mentioned above. It has heating issue. It lags during gameplay. It even heats up so much that the device stops functioning. The sound output of the Xperia XZ is comparatively low. Overall, the device needs a lot of improvement if it wants to compete against Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6.

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