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The Cave Review


Rs. 250


    • Interesting puzzles
    • Funny and humorous characters
    • Good narration
    • Deep story line


    • Controls lacks precision
    • Graphics not up to the mark
    • Replays look quite boring

Unearth the dark secrets buried within the cave, or within you. The Cave is a Game, which at one time is quite dark yet looks charming and fun to play next. A well told storyline and unique playable characters, Cave is sure to make your holidays much exciting with its awesome game-play. Is it?
  • Review


Travel and explore The Cave with 3 of your favorite characters, be a Knight or a Time Traveler or a pair of orphans. Select any different trio of characters out of seven and explore the dark cave. A platform-adventure video game, The Cave comes as a latest addition for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC from Sega.

The Cave

The game showcases a cave; luring people into it and making them explore their dark and heinous personality traits. Based on a magical talking cave, the game takes the players deep into the labyrinthine set of tunnels distracting each character from their path or what they were meant to take stand for. The Cave Price in India is around INR 250, approximately.

The GamePlay

The Cave, a downloadable title from Double Fine Productions and Sega is a 2D side-scrolling adventure video game with Ron Gilbert’s signature humor. What makes the game more interesting is the Cave’s stand-out narration.

The Cave Game

As discussed, the game make the players assume the role of three unlikely characters with unique traits and personalities. You will be controlling the trio and help them explore the Cave, collect items and get indulged in other activities just like any other adventure game. FYI, each character from the game is based on stereotypical figures.

The game play usually requires players to make use of available objects in a correct manner for each challenge presented in order to progress to next level. For example, players will be dealing with a horrifying beast; and use hotdogs as its weakness to tackle the beast and move forward. Well, the ability to switch between different characters using D-pad seems quite easy making the task simpler.

The Cave Features

The Cave comes with various standard features that we have already seen in earlier platform-adventure games. Players will be seen swimming, jumping and even grappling around the liner 2D maze. Puzzles and riddles look quite intriguing and might make you take help from three separate characters at a single time.

Game The Cave

As things stand, players can also witness the back story of each of the three characters and delve into the history of who were they and what made them come to The Cave.

If solving the puzzles makes the game delightfully difficult then its offbeat sense of humor does offer a quite enjoyable time to the players. But the game lacks the complexity of a perfect platform game and has missed out some of the elements that would have made it a unique 2D adventure game.

Final Verdict

For those, who are in love with dark humor and logic puzzle solving games, The Cave might prove to be a good day to enjoy your weekend. Also, it depends on your choices that will make the characters progress in the game. And going through The Cave Review, it is quite clear that the game feels and looks good but not as amazing as Monkey Island series, still worth a play.

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