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Toshiba PS20 LED Power TV


Rs. 32,990


    • Auto clean – Effectively reduces noise during transmission of images and enhances picture quality
    • Auto view – Automatically adjusts screen brightness to match ambient lighting conditions
    • Auto signal booster – Improves signal sensitivity allowing for seamless viewing


    • One factor that could be termed as one is the Toshiba PS20 LED Power TV price in India.
    • While it starts from a fair price, the better you want the higher you pay.

  • Review


With ceaseless innovation for over 135 years, Toshiba has introduced many a gadgets into a number of households. This has enabled the electronics giant to maintain its top position as well as gain a competitive edge over its peers. Early this month, Toshiba had launched a new LED Power TV line-up, named Toshiba PS20. We presume that the news covering its launch would have given you a glimpse of the Toshiba PS20 LED television. Now we bring you in-depth information through this Toshiba PS20 LED Power TV review. Measuring a narrow 17mm bezel the Toshiba PS20 LED television brings the benefits of style and A-class viewing experience. The Toshiba PS20 LED Power TV technical specification brings to table the power of latest engineering technologies coupled with sheer beauty and elegance. The flagship series is available in 3 full HD models with a screen size of 32, 40 and 46 inches. About its price, we can tell you that the Toshiba PS20 LED Power TV price in India varies depending on the model/screen size. The Toshiba PS20 LED Power TV price in India starts at Rs. 32,990 for the 32 inch Toshiba PS20 LED television. Having said that let's delve more into the Toshiba PS20 LED Power TV review to see how the price tag fares against its features and Toshiba PS20 LED Power TV technical specification.

Design & build

Designed with a keen eye for style, the LED TV embellishes your room with its sleek looks and blends well with any environment. Whether on or off it enhances the space with its aesthetic design.  Going by a Toshiba PS20 LED Power TV review, the gadget supports 28 video formats playback either on USB drive or HDD. This means you can pull out your coveted collection of classics and enjoy a family viewing. Toshiba PS20 LED television features REGZA technology powered by 'Power Meta Brain', that integrates advanced technologies to provide great picture quality and true vibrant colours.

Final Verdict

Summing up, the Toshiba PS20 LED Power TV technical specification has a lot to offer in terms of quality, versatility and elegance. A good buy, worth the money!

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