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UE Boom 2 Review- Insanely loud, tough and offers great battery life


Rs. 15,995


    • Robust build
    • Loud and clear sound output
    • Waterproof
    • Can be connected with unlimited UE boom 2
    • Amazing battery life
    • Full control over sound settings


    • Sound distorts at high volume
    • Costly

UE Boom 2 is the updated version of last year’s UE Boom. Its water and shock proof design makes it a unique choice.
  • Review

For your exhilarating journeys, Boom 2 could be your best companion

The UE Boom 2 has inherited its design from the last years UE Boom model that my colleague reviewed. Just a little twitch in push buttons, the power button has no markings now and the charging and auxiliary jack acquire a rubber flap, that’s all, in form factor only. We reviewed the UE Boom last year, and yes the sound performance was very impressive in that one also. But the change we can talk about now is, there were not many cylindrical shaped Bluetooth speakers available in the year 2015. While this year including 2016, entire marketplace is crammed of cylindrical soundbars. So, the form factor might not be very unique as we’re already familiar of the design.

Logitech Boom Speaker

However, the waterproof and shock proof feature of the UE Boom 2 does offer some refuge to its construction. The UE Boom 2 is priced at Rs. 15,995 and does seem priced high considering the features it offers. However, it does have its own reasons to justify its price.

Let’s check and test the UE Boom 2.

Design and Appearance

Logitech Speaker

UE Boom 2 just like the earlier UE Boom soundbar looks exactly the same in an immediate glance. However, there are a couple of alterations, and because we liked the Original Boom due to its design, we also loved the form factor of UE Boom 2.

The UE Boom 2 is crafted in a fabric material with rubber casing both on top and bottom. The rubber strip runs across top to bottom and has volume controls on it. Apart from that, there are no buttons on the strap. Power and Bluetooth controls are placed on top of the device.

UE Boom 2 weighs 544grams compared to the 540grams of UE Boom, and comes in various color choices now. All of them look pretty and elegant. Boom 2 has a frequency range of 90 – 20,000Hz with two active 45mm drivers and two passive drivers.

The power button is placed on top of the speaker, while the 3.5mm Auxiliary jack and micro USB port is placed on bottom of the Boom 2. Connecting the Audio jack and USB charging is easy. Controls are also pretty neat. Power and volume buttons are sturdy, which also means that one might need to apply some extra force while pressing both power and volume controls.

UE Boom 2 Speaker

UE Boom 2 just like its predecessor, is handy to carry anywhere in your bag, it even fits inside the pocket of a jacket. Bluetooth connection is easy, just like the wired ones and it can connect upto 8 devices at a time with 2 devices connected in parallel.

And because its water and shock proof, this distinctive feature makes it one of the best choices available out there. When we’re travelling to places like Rishikesh, especially for rafting or enjoying some water-sports in Goa. Boom 2 can definitely accompany you along your adventurous and exhilarating rides. The soundbar can be dipped in 1 meter deep water as long as 30 minutes. We tested the device and were really impressed to see it functioning. There is a flap on Aux and power jack which saves it from the water getting inside the Boom 2. However, even if the flap is removed, Boom 2 still remains waterproof.

Boom 2 waterproofing

When we were at the launch of Boom 2, they asked us to test the device. Apart from its waterproofing capability, what impressed me the most is how easily it can handle the shocks of accidental drop from a height of nearly 4-feet. I personally dropped it from a height of approximately 5-feet, and there was no harm. The rubber design allows it to bounce a couple of times before settling horizontally on the surface. Unlike many, which could easily break at this height, the Boom 2 pretty much handles every kind of shock whether horizontal or vertical.

UE Boom 2 has been built to IPX7-certification standards. Which means the Boom 2 can easily survive submerged in lakes, ponds and water tubs of upto 1 meter depth.

Box Accessories

Box Accessories Boom 2

Sound Quality

Comparing it to the last year’s Boom soundbar, the sound quality is improved way beyond. There were a number of limitations in the Original UE Boom such as distortion of sound crossing a bar of 75%, which is completely changed now.

Well before we jump directly to comparison, let’s begin with the basics first. The UE Boom 2 comes with 1.75-inch active and 3-inch passive drivers that allow it to offer a louder sound output than the 1.5-inch active and 2-inch passive drivers of the last year’s Boom. The lows are decent; mids are great while the highs also perform decently. I played “Thunderstruck from 2 Cellos” and the sound quality was astounding by Bluetooth speakers standards. Sound was detailed and clear with ample amount of Bass in it. Listening to bollywood songs was also equal fun as the beats were clear and punchy.

UE Boom 2 Application screenshot

The UE Boom 2 along with its electrifying sound capability comes with an Application available on both Android and iOS devices. The Application is available on Playstore for free and one can easily control the Bass, treble and could customize their personal equalizer. It shows battery level and the number of active UE Boom 2 devices connected with the smartphone. According to Ultimate Ears, one can connect unlimited numbers of UE Boom 2 devices at a time. So to test this, we connected 11 UE Boom 2 devices at a time, it took a couple of seconds to connect and once it did, the sound was thundering this time.

Battery Life

One of the reasons of choosing UE Boom 2 over any other Bluetooth soundbar could be its battery life. Unlike many that offer a battery life of 6-7 hours, Boom 2 offers a battery life of nearly double that amount. Company claims that the Boom 2 can last upto 15 hours and in our test it nearly did. While, a few times it lasted nearly 13 hours, which is equally impressive.


Final Verdict

As far as the price is concerned, UE Boom 2 does feel a little overpriced. However, it justifies each and every penny you have spent. A water proof design which could easily handle drops of upto 4-feet, I think its appreciating. It connects quickly to any smartphone and also the sound equalizer can be controlled manually via the android application. What’s best is that you can connect unlimited number of UE Boom 2 devices at a time. So, yes it’s a great choice available out there at this time.

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