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VU LED65XT780 3D LED TV Review


Rs. 149900


    • Competitive price
    • Decent picture quality
    • Add-on Operating System


    • Needs cool environment
    • Buggy Built-in apps

VU LED65XT780 is a big Screen sized 3D LED TV that comes in a most unique design and includes best of the advanced technology. VU’s latest innovation offers an attractive styling and has been included with a full complement of features.
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VU LED65XT780 TVIf you are amongst those who believe in adage that now a TV isn’t just a TV anymore, then I guess VU LED65XT780 is the one 3D LED Television you want to take a look at. The latest offering from VU Technologies comes in stunning looks and offer neat set of Smart TV features along with capability to play high-definition 3D contents.

Available for Rs. 149900 in India, this new 3D LED Smart TV comes with A+ Grade Panel and claims to deliver 1080p resolution. The stylish VU LED65XT780 3D LED TV with Silk-motion 3D Glasses has been developed to revolutionize the visual experience. Vu aims to give a new definition to home entertainment with its latest 3D LED TV, making it more dynamic and interactive. Added with innovative tech specs, VU LED65XT780 with in-built computer functionality also comes with updated web browser and integrated applications & wireless connection to access online features. It comes included with Glass Shutter 3D technology with an option to upgrade from 2D to 3D, making it quite different from most of the Smart TVs. Determine to compete with the tech giants like Samsung, LG and Sony, VU LED65XT780 has stepped in Indian market with a promise to offer home theatre entertainment experience to the viewers. It looks impressive on papers but how fair this new LED does performs in real. Let us find out?

Design, Appearance and Connectivity

VU-LED65XT780 3D LED TV DesignAt 65 inch, LED65XT780 is of course a bigger screen sized LED TV that you have always dreamt of installing in your bedroom. It comes with slimmer silver bezel surrounding the panel that measure half an inch and comes with a clear acrylic plastic around the bezel, which is hard to notice from the distance without looking for it. The slimmed bezels around the screen gives an extra viewing for the size it comes with.

The unit measures 1446 x 915 x 351mm in dimensions and weighs 38.5Kg with stand. It has an ultra slim form factor, which looks quite attractive and makes a huge difference on how this huge TV might look in the living room. VU LED65XT780 3D LED TV comes with an oval shaped stand build with a metal and chrome finished plastic. The stand is stiff and unlike few of the smart TVs it doesn’t allow television to swivel in any of the direction. Yes- the TV is bulky, and cannot be moved again and again, unless and until you are not in a mood to practice weight lifting. Installation might make you sweat a bit, so installation engineer’s help is recommended.

Further, the cabinet houses an intricate internal speaker configuration consisting of 2 Dolby Surround speakers that supports audio equalizer and Automatic volume level. There is no sign on any buttons apart from the remote sensor at the front. The screen comes with a semi-gloss coating that keeps reflections and glare to a minimum. On the back of the LED TV, you can find 4 HDMI input, 1 RF, 1 Component / Y Pb (Cb) Pr (Cr), 1 Audio L/R for component input, 1 AV input, 3 USB interface, 1 VGA input, 1 Audio L/R for VGA input, 1 Coaxial audio output, 1 Video RCA output, 1 Earphone jack and 1 RJ45 LAN; all to the left side at the back, while the right side of the rear panel include function buttons.

VU-LED65XT780 3D LED TV Appearance and ConnectivityThe unit is quite large, so make sure there is enough space at the back while installing the TV as you will need to struggle a bit to connect various required cables. Moreover, I am sure you will hardly need to reach out the function buttons at the back to cycle through the inputs as VU LED65XT780 comes with a decent remote control. This minimalist approach makes sense, as on-panel controls for power, volume and channels are at the back, and it will look quite stupid to reach out to the buttons. The overall design of VU LED65XT780 is attractive, with the nearly frameless screen being the highlight. It’s 65 inch Full HD A+ Grade Panel offers a good 178 degree viewing angle.

It comes with around 9 inch long remote control, which has a glossy black face featuring a bunch of buttons along with large square navigation pad. The buttons are not backlit, but you can easily distinguish and identify them without looking.VU LED65XT780 also comes bundled with a compatible Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard that is quite useful for web surfing. The TV also includes Comes with built-in Wi-Fi and DLNA. Moreover, as we know that LED65XT780 is a 3D enabled TV, it comes with bundled Silk Motion 3D Glasses.

User Interface

VU-LED65XT780-3D-LED-TV user interfaceNavigating through the menus onVU LED65XT780 is an easy thing and all things are properly organized. On the remote control, you will find a source button on the top beside the power button and direct buttons for 3D, sound and picture presets, and sleep button (to schedule power off). The colorful buttons below it help in easy navigation through apps and ‘playback from media’ interface.

There are dedicated buttons for HOME-where all the apps and files on the attached USB disks are displayed; for the browser-Opera Mini (with a red O printed on the button) and for YouTube app. The YouTube app is somewhat like what you will find on PS3-all the options of video channel options put on the left and big video thumbnails on the right. This makes navigation easy but how fast its interface responds is altogether a different story that you will come to know in the next aspect of the TV.

VU-LED65XT780 3D LED TV userinterfaceAnother part of the VU TV interface is a proper factory installed operating system. VU provides option between Windows and Macintosh and it’s a wise decision from their side. It’s far better than its glitch-laden interface. You only need to wait a few seconds to boot it up; but most of the tasks done proudly by a smart TV can be easily accomplished using a time-tested operating system built for computers. This is what smart TVs try to do these days-mimic a

The review unit we received had OS X version 10.1 and it’s a default if you won’t tell your preference. At HDMI4 (the system containing the OS is connected to the HDMI 4) the OS will boot. But there’s another step; for making the TV actually boot at HDMI4, you would need to press a button. And that button isn’t on the remote control, it on the TV. Actually under it; under the panel and for the first few times you would need some dozen seconds to find it. But as far as the performance goes, it runs smoothly. The Logitech Bluetooth keyboard bundled with the TV has a track pad and navigation is not an issue. There are 4 separate USB ports for the OS on the top left side where you can also attach a wireless mouse. Let’s look at the hardware specs and how the TV performs when it comes to displaying images.


Most Smart TVs with a good standing contain high performing processors as there are myriad of tasks it is needed to perform. Foremost is the decoding of high definition file types. And then there is running of apps, both inbuilt and downloaded, which need data over the internet.

Some companies like Sony also pay close attention to the algorithm that the processor would use to create the picture on the panel. Its Bravia engine is mostly a work of cunning algorithm.

VU LED65XT780 has Intel Core i5 processor which is able to handle most of the video types easily, except audio codecs weren’t supported on some in the TV UI. Using an external hard disk as a source, we played a variety of videos from Blu-Ray to HD and SD, to test the processor’s credibility. Mostly the problem was with .MKV files (1080p Blu-Ray). Even if the audio played in the video files, it wasn’t loud enough and not as loud as through HDMI or AV.

But there was no problem in the rendering of videos as they showed almost the same quality as the Blu-Ray player and that is commendable. As much as the picture engine would work to create that image quality, it’s optimized for the panel and creates good results. Moreover, the problem of playing .MKV files can be taken care of in Windows/MAC.

If we neglect the additional OS for a second and test its ‘smart’ capability which is running of apps like a web browser, YouTube, Facebook, et al, reveals the true power of the user interface. The TV was hooked to a 2MBPS connection wirelessly and it took ages to load a web page on opera mini. Talking about watching videos on YouTube, we never saw a whole video as we ran out of patience. Anybody would, if it would take 10 minutes to watch a one minute video, sometimes more. After this, we better thought of not checking the Facebook app but we did and it worked fine. Not that you would like to check status updates on a 65 inch screen and the interface is also fine. But the experience is better on small screen and its real interface. Switching to the additional OS seemed to be only refuge and can be counted as one of the wise things, as I said earlier, that VU decided to put on this 65 inch beast.

Picture Quality

VU-LED65XT780 3D LED TV Picture QualityIt could be eminent from the hardware that the picture quality also might not be terrific. And unlike Samsung, that offers a One Connect box for its TVs that make them future proof (just replace the box to upgrade to higher specs, adding connections is also easy) it’s not upgradable. But I would say we had some good experiences with VU LED65XT780 and some not so well. Both relate to picture quality. The good thing is that color reproduction and contrast on 65 inch panel is serious stuff. The texture and skin tones appear remarkably life like and black levels are also good. It went hither-tither only when we turned off the AC in our office and went on to use it continuously for more than 8 hours. It’s obvious then that its picture engines get heated up within hours and a cool environment is necessary for its proper working. So it’s not recommended if you don’t have an AC at home!

Though much information is not provided on the VU website, it’s given that VU LED65XT780 has an A+ grade panel with a refresh rate of 100HZ. The panel is Edge-lit with LED and you will know that when a scene that is centrally lit (and dark at edges, like an intro line) appears. All four edges are subtly lit whereas the screen should be pitch-dark. That said, there was no change what so ever in the dark scenes and the black levels were maintained beautifully in a brightly lit scene as well. In some of the highly bright scenes, brightness would get too high. Then we found the adaptive backlight mode that adjusts the backlight according to ambient light. Good feature it was.

VU-LED65XT780 3D playback3D playback was smooth for the same reason-brightness of the panel. The well-lit screen produces stunning clarity in images and being 65 inches in size; 3D watching experience on VU LED65XT780 is something you would want to buy it for. Though much is not written about the 3D technology it uses, the active shutter 3D glass that the company mentions is the best a big TV can have. The glasses use LCD lenses that are synced to TV screen and are able to throw each frame in Full HD on the eyes.

As in 2D playback, the viewing angle in 3D is also surprisingly good. A group of 6 to 10 people would be able to watch a 3D movie clearly with around 50-60 degree of angle from the central line. And considering the price of the TV, it gives this TV a good value for money.

3D conversion is also possible on VU LED65XT780. A 2D source can be run in 3D and 3D can be converted back to 2D if need be.

Final Verdict

VU LED65XT780 is a big, slim and beautifully designed LED TV that is fully capable to produce high quality imagery, provided you keep it in a cool environment. Its Full HD 3D playback capability is also commendable. But it has few glitches, majorly in the performance and interface of its smart TV apps that is more than made up using the add-on OS i.e Windows/MAC that brings it up to the Smart TV competition. Needless to say at this price it’s a steal deal for the image quality and design, if you don’t really care what smart features of a TV are like.


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