WWE 2K15 Review




    • New Character Models
    • Better Commentary
    • NXT Mode is fun
    • Includes Wyatt Family
    • Better Graphics


    • Stamina System slows down the Character too fast
    • Roster is still too small
    • Missing some older Features
    • Game still relies on on-time Counter/Reversals

WWE 2K15 manages to showcase its best foot forward with improved graphics, diverse rosters and presentation; and with its all new ideas makes WWE 2K15 a wonderfully over the top pantomime for the wrestling fans.
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The wrestling video games have been on a roll since last few years and have been operated on similar graphics engine again and again but with improved animations and gameplay. Visual Concepts and Yuke’s have once again brought the wrestling fan an action filled treat with franchise latest edition- WWE 2K15.

WWE 2K15

And with love for wrestling business itself, this time it seems like developer Yuke’s has created something appealing that managed to grapple both young and old. This time the developer have made sure to built a new game from scratch using next-generation hardware- and with much confidence 2K Games and Yuke’s have released the new wrestling title that the fanboys have been waiting for. Let us find out what all new moves WWE has to offer this time?

The New Era Begins

With reigning WWE superstars like John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Kane, Triple H, Rock, Shawn Michael, Randy Orton, Batista, Steve Austin and Undertaker; WWE has always been a fun and explosive wrestling video game ever made. But as the time passed, new breed fighters are all set to take the responsibilities to become the future of WWE. And with Seth Rollins- The Mr. Money in the Bank taking all measures along with the The Authority to become the One Number WWE Superstar, he got to deal with his own former SHIELD members and brothers Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose, Rayback, Erick Rowan, Dolph Ziggler, Rayback, Cena and many more.

WWE 2K15 New Era

If you remember, the previous 2013’s WWE game featured Attitude Era mode that made players go through one of the greatest time periods of wrestling history with most popular match-ups and set of some neat video packages. Then in WWE 2K14 focused on WrestleMania, one of the Grandest Stage of All. It was a joyous experience the classic matches. Since then most of us have always wanted to see a piece of storylines depicting the age old rivalries; and that’s what WWE 2K15 offers. The game has been featured with a highly anticipated MyCareer mode that allows the players to make their created superstar fight his/her way through the ranks of NXT to the main stage of WWE.

Also, WWE 2K15 gives the players a chance to witness the historical rivalries between CM Punk and John Cena. Other cinematic rivalry includes the best friends who turned into bitter enemies- Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels. He best thing about 2K Showcase that players can create the certain events that took place in between the matches. This adds a bit of fun and challenge to the mode, which otherwise would have been totally a bland mode.

WWE 2K15 Game

Then there are other modes like Who Got NXT that introduces the players with wrestlers like Rusev, Sami Zyan, Adrian Neville, Corey Graves, Bo Dallas and more. The WWE Universe makes you fight the much hyped rivalries between Brock Lesnar v/s John Cena, AJ Lee v/s Nikki Bella, Seth Rollins v/s John Cena and USO’s v/s Luke Harper & Erick Rowan. The WWE Creations let the players create their own superstar; edit the move set, logo, entrance and threads. Moreover, in WWE Universe you can also customize rosters, teams, stories and edit or delete the in-game shows or PPVs.

Over the years, the combat mechanics have undergone a massive change in WWE games. Earlier, WWE games were used to fast paced but with inaccurate combat system. But with WWE 2K15 (and the previous WWE 2K14), it seems like the fighting down with the opponents have been added with realistic pace and improved combat mechanics; though at time using certain movements I felt that the combatants looked bit awkward and unresponsive; which of course made the fluid animations and character models felt like a waste.

WWE 2K15 Game Play

As usual the blocking the opponent’s hits are still difficult. The game still relies on the time based counter attacks or reverses system. And if you have been playing the WWE games then you must be aware that there is a little indication of when you exactly need to press the counter button; and on every hit or attack you will be required to press the counter button ending up with a huge ordeal of trial or error. Expect to fail first few times as passing through the timed buttons procedure has always been a big deal, especially in WWE games. Then the new stamina system, which was put to add some punch I the game actually slows down the wrestlers quite fast, resulting in exhausted fighter whose only option is to be away from the opponent until he/she wears himself. This totally pulls the WWE 2K15 from high-flying extravaganza and takes it to quite closer to Greco-Roman wrestling, and detracts the gamers from the real WWE experience.

WWE 2K15 Video Game

There might be few shortcomings but there are some positive points too in the game. You will have a fun time creating a custom character, though you will be left with few options when it comes to body type, clothing, etc. Coming to graphics, we were expecting something lot better compared to WWE 2K14 but 2K15 fails to impress many; though the game looked good- the wrestling ring, entrance, character models, in-ring presentation everything seemed fine but with some noticeable glitches. Moreover, the facial scans looked brilliant; particularly for the likes of John Cena, HHH, Cesar, Bray Wyatt. You can easily see the looks of fatigue, fear and happiness on the faces. The developer to quite an extent gave an impressive finishing touch to the models, though not to all.

WWE Collage

Final Verdict

Forget the trailers or in-game actions- once the superstars steps into the ring, it was clear that the 2K wanted to make a realistic wrestling arena but ended in sucking up the fun out of the WWE in order to deliver a perfect and more measured gameplay. WWE 2K15 is more of an apathy; it is neither good nor bad. Just a bit OK and can be well accepted by the wrestling fanboys only if they wish to. Some might call it a huge missed opportunity which could have been one of the best wrestling games ever made, but at the end it depends how much the gamer loved it. WWE 2K15 might be polished a bit, but there’s nothing much interesting it could offer to the WWE Universe.

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