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iFrogz Freerein Reflect Bluetooth Headphone Review


Rs. 3299


    • Light on head and ears
    • Great battery backup
    • Can be made wired
    • Mounted Mic and controls


    • Weak headband, de-shapes
    • Low-fidelity Mic

Freerein is a basic, no frills Bluetooth headset with surprisingly great battery backup and a provision to convert to a wired headset.
  • Review

A good friend of mine retorted once that technology is touching skies and we are still unable to find a nice affordable pair of wireless headphones in the market. I couldn’t tell him he was wrong.

A connecting wire on a wired headphone is the most vulnerable and irritating part of any headphone that makes it a short lived device. Besides if music listening is mostly from a smartphone, why connect it using wires?

We came across iFrogz wireless headphones Freerein Reflect sold by Zagg in India. The company is known for smartphone screen protector InvisibleSheild, which was derived by its founder from a layer that protects military helicopter blades from high-speed damage.

But is the iFrogz Freerein Reflect, from the audio department of the company, that impressive? Not being a big burden on the pocket, the Bluetooth headset provides wireless sound at Rs 3,299. Is the sound worth the investment?


Zagg Freerein Reflect headphone Build

Freerein Reflect has a flexible structure that is both a nice thing and a reason to worry.

On one hand, the headset appears light and comfortable to wear; a polycarbonate structure with rotating cups and extensible band. Though the headphones are not foldable, they are easy to carry, to hang around the neck or simply wear them to a walk. It looks like it can be moulded and packed very easily but that’s because of the material not the design.

The steel skeleton running though the rubber headband is where we located the weakest (cost cutting) aspect of the headphone to be. It would bend away with little force and de-shape the headphones. Though it can put back to shape (almost) again, it would lose the fitting every time it experiences a moulding pressure, which is not good.

Zagg Freerein Reflect bluetooth headphone Build

The cushions are nicely made, not very plush but don’t hurt the ears either in long use. They are slightly bigger in size than an on-ear headphone.

A joystick is mounted on the right cup for all the controls – press to turn on, long press to search for Bluetooth devices and rotate for song navigation and volume control. The headphone has a separate volume control not latched to the phone.

On the other cup, there is a 3.5mm jack to connect audio cable. In case you run out of battery or need to use it with a music player, the headphones can still be connected. Freerein Reflect ships with an audio cable and a USB charging cable.

(Safe and) Sound

I used the headphones mostly wirelessly connecting it to my smartphone, so the sound quality is adjudged according to that. It may sound better (obviously) on a wired connection but only once did I happen to do that, as to follow the regular testing schedule.

In the safe volume level limit defined in your phone, the Freerein Reflect does a great job of amplifying sound to an audible level.  But beyond, along with playing loud, it gets shriller and loses fidelity. You would feel a serious bass crunch on these headphones if you love powerful sound. But rest assured you get only loud overtones as you hike up the volume bar.
Unlike the mastered high budget headphones, Freerein Reflect has a good loud sound like party speakers which might feel corny after sometimes. But the loud is not compromised with an unclear lyrical experience. Also at high volumes the one standing near you might hate what you are listening or enjoy maybe.

Freerein Reflect good loud sound

Out of the box, Freerein Reflect lasted for more than its said runtime of 13 hours on battery, which is quite surprising. For how long the backup would remain is what time will tell, but even if you listen to a couple of hours every day, it would last for a whole week on single charge. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Final Verdict

iFrogz Freerein Reflect is a well-thought product but has its fair share of shortcomings – its headband has a scope for better construction and the sound, in the best part lacks sufficient bass. However, the rechargeable wireless headphone has a funky, colourful look and is easy to carry around. It proved a good 13 hour backup on Bluetooth connection, which satisfies is one of the major pre-requisites of a wireless headphone, apart from being light and comfortable that it is. For the price it’s a cool accessory, but nothing else unusual.

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