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Zebronics IronHead 7.1 Gaming Headphone Review


Rs. 1799


    • Impressive design
    • Good audio output
    • Extra long cable


    • Feels bit tight on ear
    • Mic lacks noise cancellation

The latest from Zebronics is a 7.1 Simulated Gaming Headphone that comes in a decent design structure promising to superior sound isolation. Touted as the star amongst other gaming headphones from the brand, IronHead looks like a perfect source of surround sound but with some hiccups.
  • Review


Gaming headphones have become quite the rage lately; with headsets from Sony, Logitech, Razer and Sennheiser gracing some of the best in class gaming headphones for professional gamers- it looks like Zebronics has also joined the race. Zebronics has a long history of offering high quality gaming peripherals for the high-end PC gaming market, and at its recent launch event, Zebronics unveiled few of its latest gaming headsets. Amongst them IronHead Gaming Headphone 7.1 is a good affordable match for the high end expensive headphones.

Zebronics IronHead 7.1 Gaming Headphone 2

The latest from Zebronics is featured with 7.1 Channel audio and manages to deliver thrilling surround sound and has been designed to block the external noise. With a 7.1 channel audio IronHead isn’t just limited to gaming, it will also be a treat for music enthusiasts. As the name indicates- IronHead 7.1 is a beast audio peripheral that offers great sound quality. Available for Rs. 1799, this new simulated gaming headphone has been loaded with amazing sound features and comes in a stylish look. Let us find out what this new toy has to offer to the gaming freaks.

Design and Appearance

Zebronics IronHead 7.1 has been specifically designed to appeal more to the gamers then the music lovers. It comes in a glossy finishing and offers a modest design; not relying much on materials that would have made the headphone more bulky. IronHead 7.1 has a stylized street design that does give an aggressive feel and perfectly blends in a gamers’ den while not appearing too outrageous for public use at the same time.

Zebronics IronHead 7.1 Gaming Headphone 3

IronHead comes in a black and red color combination and it looks better. Zebronics has made sure to use grade plastic material to create the masterpiece. From nowhere it looks cheap; instead the headphone comes in a funky look.


It has been added with extra large cushion made of rich fabric under the head band making it more comfortable for the user. The head band’s height can adjusted accordingly to fit well on the head, thanks to its 9 level of adjustment. Then there are ear pads that are covered with soft cushion and can be tilted a little to fit the ear. The ear pads felt quite comfortable on ears though you might feel bit strain after long hours of usage- I wish it could have been bit more soft.

Zebronics IronHead 7.1 Gaming Headphone 4

There is a 3 meter long USB cable that can be connected to laptop or desktop without any hassle. The long cable means you don’t need to sit with your face on the PC’s screen now. But at the same time you are sure to feel bit annoyed arranging the long cable.

Zebronics IronHead 7.1 Gaming Headphone pod

The good part on the cable is that it comes with a sound-mic control pod made of plastic, with which you can control the volume level and perform mute off function with just one instant press while sitting at the long distance. Also, the control pod includes an inbuilt microphone. On the left ear cup, you can find a mic which can be pulled down and pushed up; making it totally invisible unlike other headsets.

A Decent Performer

Zebronics IronHead 7.1 Gaming Headphone has been integrated with 40mm big size audio driver along with an audio processing chip inside. This perfect combo of specs makes IronHead ideal for extreme gaming and proves to be a perfect music output. The audio processing chip helps in enhancing the sound quality.

Zebronics IronHead 7.1 Gaming Headphone 5

The IronHead doesn’t require any software drivers, you just need to plug the other end of the cable into your PC and within few seconds the headset is ready for the use. Zebronics 7.1 generally sounds quite good. I hardly detected any distortion when the headphone was cranked to very high volume levels, though when you really push the volume level to the highest, the game audio can be heard even to the person not wearing the headset. It sounded louder than my old Dell Vostro Laptop at full volume.

Zebronics IronHead 7.1 Gaming Headphone 6

It is quite capable of supporting frequency response of 20~20.000Hz but extending it might distort the quality of the audio. Also, IronHead managed to deliver decent but not outstanding bass. For my subjective surround sound test in Aliens: Colonial Marines, the IronHead performed adequately good, though I would suggest you to add some music enhancement too to get that extra out of IronHead. The headphone offers 32 Ohm +/- 15% Impedence, -62db +/- 3 Db sensitivity, ensuring to deliver best it can.

Zebronics IronHead 7.1 Gaming Headphone 7

Unfortunately, IronHead’s  mic doesn’t come with noise cancellation. This is what might not be appreciated by many gaming freaks who loves to indulge in voice talk while playing games.

Zebronics IronHead 7.1 Gaming Headphone

Final Verdict

Zebronics IronHead 7.1 Gaming Headphone is a well-designed, comfortable and one of the decent audio output devices we have seen at this price range. As a multi-platformer, it offers good sound quality and decent mic performance. An ideal choice for multimedia and gaming, IronHead is definitely worth a look; though it might not prove to be a match for high-end headsets like Steelseries Siberia, Razer Carcharias or 4gamers COMM-PLAY; still after some time of burnout, you are sure to feel the heat in the audio quality, making sound effects more boomy and surround sound well defined.

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