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Zync Z1000 Tablet Review


Rs. 10990


    • Smooth touch
    • Build quality is good
    • Resolution and HD video playback is up to the mark
    • Gaming seems to be fun on Z1000
    • Comes with sleeve pouch and screen guard
    • Tons of amazing applications comes pre-installed
    • Does not heat even after long hours of operation
    • Battery life is good


    • Poor camera quality
    • No GPS
    • Headsets look cheap
    • Speaker volume is not up to the mark
    • Hangs sometimes

At present, there are hundreds of tablets being launched each day. The latest to join the bandwagon is Zync Z1000 Tablet, which is quite economical and feature rich device. This 9.7 inches slate is a perfect example of technological advancement that is available to the common man at reasonable price. Trust me; you need have a hand-on experience to believe what exactly you get for 10000 bucks!!!!
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With each passing day, it seems that Zync has been playing smartly to acquire a strong position in the tech market with its latest and advanced line-ups of smartphones, phablets and tablets. Though not in a league of the likes of Apple, Samsung and Blackberry, Zync has come out with its new tablet, Z1000, at a decent price range to compete these biggest tech giants. And this might help the company to hopefully stand against the biggies; in terms of performance and features at such a low price.

The latest from the Zync is an Android 4.0 ICS based tablet that runs on 1.5 GHz high-speed processor. It comes with 9.7 inches 5 point multi-touch capacitive touchscreen with 1024×768 pixels and is known for high responsiveness. And if you are looking for an affordable slate with some amazing features then this tablet might prove to be a good bargain for you. But if positives are there then the chances of negatives are to be there; as said, nothing is perfect. We had a hands-on experience with the Zync Z1000 recently, and hopefully our review might help you get to know this new gadget better?

Design and Feel:

Zync Z1000 is a 659 grams light weight gadget having the dimensions of 245mm x 190mm x 13mm, making it a perfect slim designed slate. At first glance, tablet looks impressive and you will be amazed with its design, which makes it quite comfortable to hold. Its 9.7 inches screen covers the entire front part and it has Back, Menu, Home, Dial and Volume touch controls at the left side. The right corner has been donned with Network, Battery, Notifications and Time Touch panels.

The entire device has been made using premium plastic material and is available in glossy finishing. Well, the problem occurs here, the tablet does attract lot of dust and fingerprints all over its body. Though you can wipe the device with a clean and soft cloth but this won’t help you as it may end with more fingerprints whenever the device is used again. But if you are comfortable carrying a 9 inches slate, then Z1000 might be a device you are looking for. Overall, at 10K range, Zync has made something quite impressive and soothing to eyes.

Hardware and Performance:

Operated on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (upgradable to 4.1) OS, this new tablet from Zync runs on 1.5 Ghz Processor and comes with 1GB DDR3 RAM, which is quite good for running high definition 3D games. Its 9.7 inches TFT LCD touchscreen is one USP that makes Z1000 worth giving a try. Though it offers good performance but there are few glitches with the tablet; like when you switch on the device it takes time to boot up (No idea if this happens with all or just the unit we received for the review) and do get dead for some seconds before opening any application (Usually it happened every time after re-starting the device).

But before proceeding further and making you aware with the few spoilers more, let us just check out what else Z1000 carries. It comes with a 2.0 Megapixel rear camera and a speaker at the back portion. Also, the tablet has been integrated with 0.3MP front camera for making video calls. I wouldn't say camera quality is bad, for 10K tablet, it offers a decent image quality but not up to the mark. So, if you are looking to purchase this tab to take pictures then do think of giving it a miss but for video calling, it deserves to be on your hand.

Further, when holding the tab in horizontal position, you can find physical volume button along with Back button. Whereas, at the right side you can locate 2 Micro USB ports, 1 HDMI port, 1 TF card slot, 1 audio jack, MIC, DC-5V jack and a slot to insert SIM. You got it right, Z1000 comes with a GSM SIM slot, which supports both 2G and 3G voice calls & data transfer. So, does all tablets support SIM calling, not even Apple’s iPad or Blackberry’s Playbook have one but Galaxy Tab 2 does support Mini-SIM.

Zync Z1000 Tablet Features:

The latest in the segment, Zync Z1000 does come as an alternative for expensive Galaxy Tab and iPad 2. Known for its impressive touch-sensitive controls and simple navigation, Z1000 have been given thumbs up from the critics. But it is recommended you get it from the authorized dealers because the consumers have made various complaints about the faulty device they received online. Forgetting about the spoilers that have been discussed in the review, let us take a look at what makes Zync Z1000 a must have tablet apart from its affordable price tag:

  • Z1000 comes with 8GB internal storage, which can be expanded up to 32GB via TF card
  • It does support GPRS, EDGE, 3G Data - HSDPA 2100 MHz networks
  • A HDMI slot has been provided for TV connectivity
  • Supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • G-sensor and USB host for OTG function included
  • It also supports 1080p full HD playback and does offer access to Google browser
  • It also supports Skype, GTalk, WhatsApp, MSN, Yahoo Messenger and Facebook as well
  • The tab is powered with 7000 mAh rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that lasts up to 8 hours on Wi-Fi

Final Verdict

At a price of 10990 Znyc Z1000 seems to be a good bargain though there are certain things you will not like but still they can be neglected. And we would expect that our Znyc Z1000 Tablet Review must have cleared the doubts about this tab. Our recommendation; you should ask for a demo or use this tab at the store before investing money on it.

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