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Buying Guide: Things to remember before buying External Storage

With the increasing amount of content, both online and offline, people are always found craving for more storage space in their computers and laptops. They try to cram up their internal hard drives with movies, songs, pictures and various other sorts of content that takes up a good amount of space on their machines. Now, […]

How to Make a Video Call with Skype in Nokia Lumia 730

Improvements in mobile technology have paved the way for people to connect virtually, instantly. Indeed, thanks to the introduction of mobile internet and inclusion of innovative web applications that has made it much easier and quicker make high quality online calls. Likewise, the latest launch from the Finnish Mobile Maker, Nokia Lumia 730 comes integrated […]

Block Ads on Android Apps and Browser

If you are sick of those annoying ads taking up the space on your Smartphone’s Screen, then I am sure you have navigated yourself in a right page. Remember, how you Android Smartphone used to be an ad-free device- a gadget where you could check emails, browse the internet and play games (Of course, we […]

Tips on How to Snap the Perfect Selfies

From movie actors to our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, from James Franco’s famous Instagram selfies to your girl next door’s self shots with pouty face as Facebook uploads; it seems like no one around the world is immune to the obsession called Selfie. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other photo sharing apps too can be seen […]

Things VLC Media Player Can Do

For most of us, VLC is one of the best and most used media players that play everything thrown at it without much hiccups and worrying about codec. But besides running all your favourite movies and GOT series that you have downloaded, VLC is capable of performing a lot of other things too that you […]

How to Lock Your Computer Using Mouse

Every operating system allows you to lock the computer screen so that you can leave all the programs and files open without worrying about someone accessing or reading your important documents, when you are away from your workstation. Locking your computer screen is much easier than logging off and again restarting your system, and again […]

Tricks and Tips to Ace Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga has never been a thing that would have made me an addict. But once I started playing it, this candy game plagued my nights and consumed my days. I have been crushing a hell lot of candies over the last two months. Earlier, we discussed about How to Disable Candy Crush Saga […]

Useful USSD Codes for Major Indian Telecom Networks

Many of us are not aware of USSD Codes, and how useful these codes can turn out be for the subscribers. Basically, the use of USSD Code allows the telecom subscribers to access different services. As a user, it gets easy for us to access various services directly instead of calling customer care support for […]

Tips to Increase Laptop Battery Life

We’ve all experienced this. If you are in a classroom, boardroom, attending a meeting or even while travelling; and you find out that your laptop is about to shut down- then the real horror begins when there is no source of charging the device externally. You might forget to carry the power adapter or maybe […]

How to Disable Candy Crush Saga Notifications on Facebook

Without any doubt, I can tell that you are amongst the thousands who must be quite annoyed of those Candy Crush Saga request popping up every 5 seconds on your Facebook. And it might happen, you end up posting status on your timeline requesting your friends to ‘‘Please Stop Sending Me Candy Crush Requests.’’ Despite […]

How to Download Old Facebook Chats

Wondering how would you get access to all the previous chats you had with your beloved few months back? It is such a pain to scroll through the entire chat history, especially when you have 15000 plus messages to slide through. And if you hate the new Facebook Sidebar chat, then you might not be […]

How to connect USB printer to a Network

All printers don’t have network capability and if your printer also doesn’t have a network connection at its back, don’t worry. It can still be put on your network to be used by any computer present on the same network. You don’t need to connect a network capable printer to each and every computer that […]

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