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How to test the performance of a smartphone

I am frequently asked by people; what are your testing procedures? How do you find out that a phone has good performance or not? What are the limits to a phone being fast, considering its price? We don’t really have some big swanky techniques to check that out, neither do we have a huge supercomputer to which […]

Samsung Galaxy S5: 9 cool things

The latest offering from Samsung wasn’t just another Galaxy that you would carefully choose to ignore (though it might not look that way at first glance). Besides a touch up on almost every aspect a new-day smartphone is expected to brag about, there is some very cool stuff that you can pull off with this […]

Is your Android Vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug?

What is the Heartbleed bug and why Android users should care? Google has kept it hidden till now but lately, it has been exploited by hackers to steal important data. Particularly, it puts the Android V4.1.1 users at risk. If you have seen the ‘internet minute’ infographic by Intel, you would know that 639,800 GB […]

How to Bypass a Website Block

Website blocks are very annoying. Mostly seen at work or in the computer labs of education centers, website blocking techniques are widely deployed to deter people from harnessing full power of the internet. But if you are able to access Techmagnifier and reading this, you will soon be equipped with two most ferocious weapons to […]

How to use your phone camera as webcam

Last weekend, I was stuck at a place with no wireless connection and to everyone’s muse, no data connection as well. Honestly, there has been days like this before, only now, I needed to make an urgent video call. A desktop with internet was found but for my face to visible I still needed a […]

How to Hide Your Files behind a Photo

Yes you read that right. Remember the sci-fi movies of old times; files could be secretly transported using images as their pretense. You might be surprised to know that Windows has a built-in provision for hiding files behind images.  What would be passed along as a photo (and it will remain a photo, you can […]

Determine Whether Your Cellphone will work Overseas or Not

Not sure that the handset you purchased via an online shopping store of another country will work with the mobile networks of the country where you reside? Or take another scenario- you might be travelling abroad for a month and worried will your current mobile phone will be compatible with the network providers of the […]

How to Bookmark a Page in Adobe PDF Document

If you have been reading PDF on the popular Adobe Reader, then you very well understand how we all, every now and then, need to bookmark a page; be it to continue where you left off or to keep an important page marked for reading later. Sadly, Adobe hasn’t cared to introduce a bookmark option […]

5 Tips to Speed up Your Smartphone

Has your smartphone behavior gone from a hasty butterfly to a sloppy sloth? Has it lost all obedience to your touch? We bring you five ways to cleanse and rejuvenate your Android smartphone and bring it back; like the swift animal it was when you first used it. PS: Before starting, backup all your important […]

Reveal the Old Notifications in Your Android Phones

Are there any ways to display the old notifications I have received via the status bar? That was the question my friend asked me last weekend, who accidentally cleared the entire Notifications. And to be honest- my answer was Man I don’t know. But few seconds later, I realized I Should Have Known this- after […]

How to find the IMEI Number of Any Mobile Phone

Most of us might be technically advanced, but when it comes to real life tests- we all tend to lack some or other knowledge. We do own latest and advanced smartphones, but are we aware of the small tips and tricks of our handsets? Most of us would say, NO. For example let me ask […]

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