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Tips for Safer Online Shopping

Shopping online is nowadays the most convenient and, at times the cheapest way. But paying online has its fair share of risks and hazards. Recently, credit and debit card numbers of around 40 million people were stolen from a U.S based online shopping website’s database. Put a check on these 5 things when you shop […]

How to use an old smartphone as a security camera

Have you ever needed a security camera for your home or office but thought against it due to their huge costs? Then you are at right place. Read on and  know how you can use your old smartphone, lying unused (think, there might be one with your friends or neighbors and you can get it […]

How To Transfer Data Between Computers

Small or large, transferring data using the network is quick and easy. Transferring using a Pendrive is easy too. But if the PCs are kept near each other or share a same network, copying it twice doesn’t make sense. Via Home group Windows has an inbuilt application for sharing data among computers connected to same […]

4 Best Ways To Read News On Android Devices

From making food to losing weight, there have been apps for almost everything we deal with in our daily life. In today’s busy scenario, having time to read a newspaper is a luxury. Though we wouldn’t want to let go of the opportunity, given the time to physically hold the newspaper and read it, internet […]

Use Console Controllers on Your PC for Gaming

We are all well aware that gaming began with the joystick as the dominant control method in early 90s, but with over the past 20 years mouse and keyboard overtook the joystick gaming and became the only way to indulge in gaming on PC. And then, the evolution occurred, and there was a new generation […]

5 Powerful weapons to judge a smartphone: part 2

In part one we discussed two parameters on which we can weigh and appraise a smartphone, i.e. its insides and the display. For the next part I’ve laid out some more important points which might enlighten you further about the smartphone. Camera The easiest way to judge a camera is the megapixel count (MP). But […]

5 powerful weapons to judge a smart phone: Part 1

“Dude, my phone has a snapdragon 800 and IPS display.” “Cool, what is that?” “Umm… must be something good. The sales guy back at the store was saying it’s good. After reading this, the next time you go to a store, that techie salesman will not be the only person talking. The chips inside From […]

This Festive Season Unclutter Your Gadgets

As we head toward the festive season wefollow the tradition and start waiving out old and unused things from our house and surrounding, almost everyonerelinquish the old one and bring inthe new. It won’t be that surprising if we say in the world of technology our gadgets too generate lot of clutter. We bring you […]

Buying a smartphone? Read this first

“No Bunty, we can’t buy this phone. It’s too costly. And you bought a costly phone last year”. “But dad it had a 1GHz quad core processor and this one has a 1.5GHz quad core! And the screen was only 4 inches.” Many people, like Bunty, think that a faster processor or a higher RAM […]

Reputation of a phone camera in low light

Using smartphone as camera is common these days. The advent of compact digital camera sensor made Photography widely available for experiment. We can click a picture in any nook and corner where our phones can reach and we never cease to experiment with that! But do you give up when it comes to clicking in […]

Best 3 UHD Televisions for this Festive Season – Author’s Choice

Festive season is almost arrived and most of us are planning to make a big purchase as we always do during the said period. Amongst other, television is one such product, every consumer plans to buy. Thus, our team of experts has picked 3 best Ultra-High Definition (UHD) televisions in a bid to help our […]

Top 3 High-End Smartphones- Authors Choice October 2013

LG G2 LG G2 available at a price of Rs. 41,500 is my pick for this month, there are two major reasons for this one topping my list. First being its design and second being its features. For the first time we have seen physical keys on the back of a Smartphone. This makes the […]

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