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Top 5 Free Photo-Editing Apps on Android

We all love photographs and we all want them to look as beautiful as the moments captured in them. With a smartphone seen in almost every hand you look around, it has become more and more convenient for people to take pictures, whenever and wherever they want. Moreover, it doesn’t stops at just taking pictures; […]

Recover Lost Data from Crashed Hard Drive

Have you ever gone through the trouble of losing data from your hard drive when your computer crashes? Important documents, videos, favorite songs, pictures and some of your business projects that you have saved in your system are lost unless you make backup copy of them on a DVD/CD. If you have not, then it […]

Best Messaging Apps You Can Enjoy on Your Mobile Phone

Introduction: Since the arrival of mobile phone, messaging has always remained a fascinating part of it. The craze of messaging is very high among the youngsters. But the advent of chatting had added more fire to it. Now, along with text message, chatting has equally become popular in this modern age. Youngsters are highly into […]

How to prevent your system from Blue Screen of Death?

Introduction: Blue Screen of Death is often termed as BSOD or Blue Screen Error. Experts also called it as a stop error or a bug check. The problem is predominantly found in systems, which are powered by operating systems belonging to the Microsoft Windows family. It often indicates that the system has encountered a critical […]

Some Tips for Better Mobile Phone Photography

With the passage of time, mobile phone photography has gained tremendous popularity. The advent of camera phone has given rise to a new concept called Phoneography, which means doing photography using mobile phone. Similarly, many reputed mobile phone manufacturing companies have started developing handsets with powerful camera so as to fulfill the photography purpose of […]

Some Tips to Access the Blocked Websites

It is really very annoying when you open a particular site and you find it to be a blocked one. We often get irritated when we cannot have access to our favorite social networking sites at varied places be it office or home. Let’s discuss some tips as to how one can get access to […]

Explzh: A Better Option for File Compression

What is Explzh? Explzh is new file compression software available in the market, which is considered to be more effective than 7Zip & WinRAR. Till recently, WinRAR has been known to be a good alternative for the purpose of file archiving and data compression. In this regard, there is no doubt that WinRAR is the […]

6 Good Reasons to have Firefox 13 in your System

The latest version of Firefox 13 is out and is being touted as one of the most feature rich web browsers ever developed by Mozilla. We did have a hand on experience with Mozilla’s previous version but those browsers were quite not enjoyable. Since long, users have been using Firefox 3, 3.5 and 4 but […]

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