Tips on How to Snap the Perfect Selfies

From movie actors to our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, from James Franco’s famous Instagram selfies to your girl next door’s self shots with pouty face as Facebook uploads; it seems like no one around the world is immune to the obsession called Selfie.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other photo sharing apps too can be seen flooded with the modern age home sapiens posing with their cameras and smartphones trying to snap themselves in various places. These earthlings can be found clicking their own picture in a mall, at a restaurant and multiplex or making a pose in front of those shiny mirrors attached to the walls of washroom. The question is who are ‘these people’? Research says people with extreme selfishness and excessive interest in themselves or admiration of one self’s physical appearance tend to indulge in this act of narcissism. Celebrities do it. Your friends do it. And let’s be honest, you do it, we do it; I do it. To put it simple, ‘these people’ are very well represented by humans like You, Me or anyone else around this world with that 5 inch smartphone in their hands.


Social media to news channels, everyone today have been debating about this amusing blend of self-love and gadgets. Some hate this and have labeled it as a narcissistic obsession and have created negative attitude about people indulged in selfies. But the topic here is not about those who hate it, but people who love snapping selfies and least bother about how haters think of it. After all, clicking yourself isn’t such a bad thing. Love it or hate it, selfie is something that’s going to stay here for now. We all know to take a picture from our smartphones but what about selfies? I know there aren’t such rules on taking selfies, but you might like going through these selfie practices:

  1. Enough of that Stupid Pouty Faces

First and foremost, please stop making that Trout Pout with those tender lips (Girls and even some Boys). Duck faces are so 2000- it is time you smile again and show your pearly whites because with a good smile on your face you look more genuinely happy, and of course prettier (Girls).

Selfie 1

Still, if you want to try something with your lips then Sparrow Face expression might suit you well. Puckering your lips like a bird and opening your eyes as wide as possible might help you get a good Sparrow face selfie pose, which look far better than duck lips selfies.

  1. Avoid the Light Bulb Head Shots

If you haven’t got this, then read further. Remember that the closest thing to the camera lens looks largest in the picture. You must have noticed that most of the people hold their smartphones high above them to snap a selfie.

Selfie 2

If you are unaware then this high level shots gives a big wide eyes along with a big forehead that might make you look like a Light Bulb. So, keep this in mind and try to lower the angle slightly; and this will make your face not look like triangular and alien shaped.

  1. Look for Good Lighting Surroundings

Remember, not every smartphone’s front camera delivers good selfies. The pictures look quite dark and distorted. It is advisable to chase the light and skip the front facing snapper if it is kind of crummy.

Selfie 3

Make use of primary camera; find a place with good lighting, set the timer and click on the shutter to get a decent selfie. Still, if you are using the front camera make sure the lighting conditions are apt so that your face is visible on the screen. Also, make sure to adjust the focus of the camera to take a sharp and blur-free selfie.

  1. Check the Background

You just got dressed for a party and decided to click a selfie to post on your Facebook timeline; thinking that those girls on your friend list might hit the Like Button. But it turns out to something unexpected, making your selfie go viral on the internet with your Superman shorts lying in the background.

Selfie 4

So, you get it- no one is keen to look at those unmentionables lying on your bed waiting to be washed when checking out your selfies. Make sure to remove those unwanted belongings from background, especially if you are snapping a selfie in your bedroom.

  1. Get creative

Single handed selfies might look awesome, but why not make it more interesting. Get Creative. Click a selfie of you doing something or posing with your naughty pet.

Selfie 5

It is quite obvious that nobody will want you to click a picture while simultaneously walking with your pet or playing guitar, but it might look cute if you snap a shot while with your pet or try to make the selfie more intriguing while sitting on a jet ski or a bike. If you manage to click a good creative selfie, it might get a lead to a conversation on your Instagram or Twitter posts.

  1. Download Selfie Apps

Your smartphone does capture selfies, but isn’t it wise to use an application especially designed for taking selfies? There are tons of apps available for both Android and iOS devices that might help you click a perfect revamped selfie.

Selfie 6

 Some of the apps include Frontback, Bright Camera, Candy Camera, Perfect365: One-Tap Makeover and Selfie Studio: Flash Camera. These apps help in beautifying the selfies with a single touch and make them look more creative with effects.

Laique Khan

Laique Khan

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