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BenQ GP 10 Projector Hands-on Review


Rs. 62,613


    • Easy to Install
    • Even easier User Interface
    • Good Picture quality


    • Does not support all File formats
    • Wish there was an in-built microwave for Popcorns, Obviously (Pun Intended) 😉

As Indians we are born to love two things- Cricket and Bollywood masala flicks; and with BenQ`s latest projector the BenQ GP 10 you can enjoy both in the comfort of your home without compromising on the in-stadium or in-theater experience.
  • Review


In the era where home entertainment is not restricted to your old-fashioned TV sets or the boom box which your dad got when he got married, technology is constantly evolving. To enjoy movies at home, it started with VCRs, then CD players, after that DVD players came in and nowit’s Projectors. Yes, they are expensive, but trust me it’s worth it.

BenQ GP 10 LED Projector

The BenQ GP 10 is a latest LED projector landed into the home entertainment segment. It looks good, compact in size and easy to operate. Let’s magnify into this device and find out what it actually offers!

Design & Built

BenQ GP 10 Compact Projector

The unit which we got came to us in a cute little black bag which makes the projector quite portable. On opening the bag you see the GP 10 sitting pretty along with a few cables nicely placed. The projector measures 220mm x 177mm x 61.8mm (W x H x D) and weighs around 1.5 Kg which is decent enough for a compact projector. The rectangular projector looks elegant in white and silver color body.

BenQ GP 10

The control panel sits on right corner of the device, it is a nine button set up which is pretty easy to understand and the projector can also be operated by a remote control with same button grid on it. There is a cap on the lens of the projector which stays connected to the device with a rubber string of good quality; also there is focus ring which sits on top of the lens which helps you to adjust the focus according to the distance.

BenQ GP 10 HDMI Enabled Projector

There are two speakers placed on each side of the projector and all the connectivity ports are placed on the back of the device which makesit look simple and neat.


The BenQGP 10 comes with the following connectivity options-

  • Wi-Fi
  • VGA Port
  • USB Port
  • Micro- USB Port
  • HDMI Port
  • Memory card slot
  • Detachable Optical Drive

BenQ GP 10 Wi-Fi Enabled Projector

Once you turn on the projector its menu showcases the entire range of connectivity options, just a few tap on the remote and you are good to go. It’s very simple to select the desired connectivity option, just plug in the Wi-Fi dongle, USB drive, SD card or even a DVD (detachable optical drive), Set top box and enjoy your pictures, movies, TV shows or simply connect it to internet and do it all.


The BenQ GP 10 is actually a RGB LED projector which offers a brightness of 500ANSI lumens. It can deliver a projection of1.07 billion colors and provides WXGA1280 x 800 nativeresolution. It performed really well, we saw animated films to action packed drama, the quality was crisp and no disturbance was felt in dark room but even a slight ambient light killed the fun.

The GP 10 comes with two in-built 3W speakers which offered average sound; we would advise you to connect external audio system to get the actual cinematic experience. The images, videos and documents all loaded in no time on this device and the UI is so simple that my 8 year niece could navigate through it very easily.

Snap Shots

Simple & Easy to Understand Menu

Bollywood classics at your home

Kids will love it!

Final Verdict

The BenQ GP 10 is indeed a true value for money device considering the performance it delivers. It is true that the projector doesn’t support some file formats, but they can always be converted into those which works on it! There are some low cost projectors also available in the market but trust me; they are not even close to this one in delivering the cinematic experience. So if you are looking for an easy to install, easy to use projector, we would recommend BenQ GP 10.

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